by: Flor Jackson

NAVAL, Biliran – The Fiber Industry Development Authority (FIDA) in the province of Biliran reported the situation of the abaca industry in the area during a forum today attended by sectoral representatives of the province, local government officials and some representatives of the national government agencies (NGAs).

In his report, Joseph “Von” Salas OIC Provincial Fiber Officer of Biliran bared that the province of Biliran is very suitable to abaca because of its moderate climate which is not hot nor cold.

He added that there are some 1,500 to 2,000 hectares of land in the province that are planted to abaca as he said that there are some 600 abaca farmers in the entire province.

Furthermore, the situation of the abaca industry in the province puts the abaca farmers to a good advantage because the abaca plants have never been attacked by bungy top and other pests unlike in other provinces where the abaca plantations were seriously affected by diseases.

During the forum, Mr. Salas also reported the accomplishments and activities of FIDA-Biliran in 2010.
He informed that in 2010, a series of visitations was conducted by FIDA-Biliran in some barangays in the province where abaca plantations are nearly located.

During these visits, fora were conducted to abaca farmers to update them on the modern technology of planting abaca for them to get higher production that leads to more income.

Part of the activities of FIDA-Biliran in 2010 was the massive information campaign urging farmers to continue planting high quality abaca through radio guestings through radio programs “Sibya sa Probinsya” of the provincial government of Biliran and the “Kapihan sa PIA” of the Philippine Information Agency –Biliran Provincial Office.

The radio programs, he said, provided an avenue for farmers to get updates from FIDA-Biliran on in the abaca industry in Biliran province.

He added that in 2010, Lakbay Aral to other provinces within region 8 and outside of the region were conducted to give abaca farmers an opportunity to observe how abaca plantations in other places were managed.

Stripping demonstrations were conducted to abaca farmers to get the best quality abaca fibers with less wastage.

A turn-over ceremony of the improved stripping device took place after the presentation of Mr. Salas.

FIDA regional office through Director Jeffrey Espeña who was present during the occasion handed the improved stripping device to the provincial government of Biliran. He was assisted by Joseph Salas. The equipment was received by Julia Tuston, Agriculture Technician of the Office of the Provincial Agricultural Services (OPAS).

“The improved stripping device will be used by the Biliran abaca farmers in the abaca industry in the province on rotation basis”, Mr. Salas said. (PIA-Biliran)


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