First Posted 18:23:00 03/03/2011

CHED disclaims report on nursing schools, including NSU. Posted on LSDE website and in print.

Republic of the Philippines
Office of the President
Commission on Higher Education
Regional Office No.VIII

2 March 2011
Leyte Samar Daily Express
Tacloban City



I was informed from a reliable source that my name was mentioned re: Issue on the Performance of Nursing Schools in the Nursing Board Exams. The undersigned categorically denies the allegations written in the news item printed and published. Per telephone call received from a certain Mr. Cardines, last February 28, 2011, the undersigned stated that the CHED Regional Office has no data available regarding the issue.

The undersigned also did not identify any school as indicated in the news item since as stated above, the CHED Regional Office has no data available.

When I asked also by Mr. Cardines of my position, I said, OIC, Chief Administrative Officer and not Officer-in-Charge of CHED.

Please rectify your report.

Thank you.
Very truly yours,

ESII/OIC, Chief Adminstrative Officer

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  1. sir good day! in behalf of pmi cadets we are begging you not to close our beloved school.. just give us another year in order to find other school to transfer with… thank you


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