By: Flor Jackson

NAVAL, Biliran – The Philippine Dental Association (PDA), Biliran Dental Society conducted a lecture on Oral Health Awareness to some 2,480 participants during the two-day 17thProvincial Women’s Congress in Biliran set on March 17 and 18, 2011.

Dr. Glezel Kho, President of PDA, Biliran Dental Society for 2011-2012 and one of the lecturers informed the participants of the importance of healthy teeth.

She told the participants that as mothers they should monitor the condition of the teeth of their children especially when permanent teeth start to grow replacing the milk teeth saying that a good set of teeth adds to the beauty and good appearance of a person.

She likewise informed the mothers to teach their children to be dentist-friendly as she advised them to bring their kids to the dentist regularly.

Furthermore, she told mothers to guide their children in brushing their teeth and teach them the proper way of toothbrushing.

Part of her lecture was the actual demonstration on the proper way of brushing the teeth using a sample teeth made of enamel.

For her part, Dr. Fe Saclolo, also one of the dentist-lecturers, advised mothers to monitor the teeth of their children and see to it that they are free from dental carries.

She demonstrated the proper way of using dental floss and mouth wash.

After the lecture on oral health awareness, the participants received from PDA-Biliran Dental Society free packs containing toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash.

According to Dr. Kho, PDA-Biliran is strongly campaigning for the oral health of children from two years old up to six years old in the entire province of Biliran in coordination with the Department of Education, Division of Biliran through the school dentist in the person of Dr. Ma. Corinne S. Mercado who is also a member of the association of dental professionals in Biliran province.

PDA-Biliran continuously campaigns for healthy and strong teeth of the Biliranons under their program dubbed as “Keep Biliran Smiling”. (PIA-Biliran)

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  1. good job PDA. it would be much better if you will continue giving free toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and others to all the students in every brgys.


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