By: Flor Jackson

NAVAL, Biliran – The Food and Drug Administration of the Department of Health (DOH) in the province of Biliran through Advincula Alandra, told residents in the area during the Kapihan at Pulong-pulong ng Bayan at Radyo Natin-Naval on Thursday, March 31, to eat iron fortified rice or I-Rice every mealtime because of the health benefits they get from it.
She said, the presence of I-Rice in every Biliranon’s meal together with vegetables especially the leafy ones is a strong assurance of healthy and strong body for the entire family.

She urged every family in the province to maintain a backyard garden in their homes , so that they can avail of fresh vegetables everyday.

“We have to eat fruits and vegetables everyday especially the growing children to keep the body healthy and in good shape.

Meanwhile, Ms. Nascencia Abad, Municipal Agricultural Officer of Naval, the capital town of Biliran, informed that during the joint meeting of the Biliran Provincial Nutrition Committee (PNC) and the Municipal Nutrition Action Officers (MNAOs) held recently at the Biliran provincial capitol, that one of the issues discussed was for the Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) to monitor their area of coverage if each family in the barangay maintains a backyard garden of common vegetables that are easy to prepare and cook.

The MNAOs were likewise told to encourage their barangay constituents to plant one or two fruit trees right in their own backyard to be able to get a daily source of vitamins and minerals from the fruits they eat.
“With vegetables and fruit trees in our won backyard, I’m sure our children will grow healthy and free from sickness”, she said.

She added that for children to be healthy, they must eat Go, Glow and Grow foods. (PIA-Biliran)


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