By: Flor Jackson

NAVAL, Biliran – In order to have a steady supply of fresh vegetables and fruits in every meal of the Biliranons, the Office of the Provincial Agricultural Services (OPAS) through the Municipal Agricultural Officers (MAOs) in the eight municipalities of the province urged parents of pupils and students to maintain a garden right in their own backyard.

This was revealed by Nascencia Abad, MAO of Naval in an interview with PIA-Biliran.

She said, the move was discussed during the recent seminar attended by the MAOs of Biliran province hosted by the OPAS.

Maintaining a backyard garden in homes of every Biliranon is part of the activities lined-up under the Agri Pinoy Program of the present administration.

To ensure success in the implementation of backyard gardening in every home, the OPAS through the MAOs made a tie-up with the DepEd-Division of Biliran for this particular activity.

“With fresh vegetables readily available in the backyard gardens, I am sure this can contribute to good nutrition and health of every member of the family provincewide,” Mrs. Abad said.

She further informed that under the Agri Pinoy Program, planting of indigenous fruits and vegetables are encouraged because these are less expensive to raise and need little attention after planting.

Some of the locally known indigenous leafy vegetables which are dominantly found in the province include “bago”, “hagnaya”, and “pako” among others. For fruits, jackfruits and guavas are highly recommended.

The agriculture office is promoting organic farming under the Agri Pinoy Progam where vegetables and fruits raised in this type of farming are safe to eat and good to one’s health.

She said, in the municipality of Naval, Biliran which is composed of 26 barangays, they have already started coordinating with school and barangay officials in requiring pupils, students and barangay residents to maintain a backyard garden. (PIA-Biliran)

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  1. Maayo ning may garden para dili magutman. Kong walay sud-an, hala dali dali ug law-oy. Sarap ug busog pa kaayo. Nutritious pa gyod. Unya kong way ikapalit ug isda, mangawil nalang sa sapa.
    Maayo nga idea kong kada balay, magbuhi ug ugang nga mangitlog kay naa pirme suppy of eggs, a good source of protein. Binli la pod ug itlog ang ugang, ayaw hutda ug kuha kay mohunong na siya ug pangitlog. Maayo nang mga tawo bisag pobre pero resourceful asa sila mangita ug pagkaon. Pwedi sad magbuhi ug baboy ug kanding. Kanding for milk, maayong source of calcium. Di gali himoon ug cheese. Ayaw ihawa ang kanding kay kong ihawon, ka usa ra ka adlaw imo protein. Kong imo siya buhion, daghan pang mga adlaw maka inom milk sa kanding. Maayo para sa mga bata to stay strong and healthy.


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