For over six years now, the has been able to the weather the storms and appreciate the blessings that naturally comes with its growth. Despite its limited resources, the website was able to deliver, and will continually deliver, up-to-date news and information about events not only to our beloved province of Biliran but also to its neighboring towns and provinces in the Eastern Visayas region.

Being a non-stock, non-profit organization, maintaining the website has never been easy. The website relies only on the charitable support of its sponsors and benefactors in order to cope up with the daily necessities necessary in information gathering. In particular, the Administrator together with its volunteers is coping up with the wear and tear of its equipment.

The volunteers of would like to appeal to all kindhearted individuals to help us in our continued efforts in providing faster dissemination of news and information to be relayed and delivered to our website visitors.

Over the years of its existence, the website has operated only with a single personal computer. The CPU of this computer has recently bogged down attributable to its many years of usage. In this regard, that we are knocking on each of your benevolent hearts to help us raise funds to replace the out-dated parts of our CPU (central-processing-unit).

An additional video camera to be used for video recording of important events is also needed by our mobile volunteers in our “color-coded” work enviroment (you understand what this means). Capturing important events in the province is important most especially during those times where video recording of fast phase events is necessary. It will also be used in showcasing the places of interest within the entire province.

Delay in the delivery of updates defeats the main objective of the site, which is to bring accurate, timely and relevant news and information to Biliranons who play a bigger role and stake in the exchange of opinions and ideas. The exchanges, in one way or the other, help mold informed choices and decisions not only of the Biliranons that are here in the province but also to those Biliranons abroad and in the entire Philippines.

We do much hope that your untiring support and unwavering assistance through donations of the following communication equipment:

Your invaluable assistance would not only continue the website’s daily operation but also improve in the delivery of news and information of this site thereby helping to make a positive change in the lives of Biliranons.

Hoping for your continued support and cooperation.

In the interest of providing accurate information to Biliranons here and abroad, We remain,
Very truly yours,


CPU for Kenskie
Video Camera for Ghavi Anasco aka Nonon


Video Camera for Ghavi Anasco

New PC

i7 2nd gen

Click for more info

Thank You Sponsors!

List of those who donated
Php 9,732.49

Php 5,000
Alicia Haire

Php 5,000
Lester and Andrea Simon

Php 4,000
Vivi Dublin

Php 4,000
Vergie Adobo

Thank you to all the sponsors…

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