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After swimming in the cool waters of Sambawan Island, our group decided on an overnight stay at Higatangan Island to check the latest update in the island.

Higatangan Island is known for its shifting sand bar, white sand beaches and rock formation. Apparently, former President Marcos temporarily took refuge during WWII on this little island off the northwest tip of Leyte. Higatangan has two barangays, Mabini and Libertad.

The fantastic place of Higatangan is good to visit in April and May because it jives with the atmosphere, summer time.

Our group departed from Naval port at 12 noon, by motorboat. The regular fare is 50 Pesos and 45 Pesos for the students. There are only two pump boats that travel to the island in a day.

It was a bright sunny day when we arrived in Mabini at 12:45 pm, the barangay where the shifting sand bar is located.

We stayed at the Higatangan Island Beach Resort, the sponsor for our accommodation. We brought rice, pansit and pork for our food while the friendly staff of the resort were in charge of cooking and serving. After eating our lunch, we walked around the place and viewed the beautiful scenery and the shifting sand bar.

The group planned to have an island tour. At 4:00 pm we rented a motorboat, and since there were only 8 of us, a small motorboat was enough, for the ” pakyaw” rate of 500 pesos.

We explored the island and watched its fine-looking beaches. We also enjoyed the wonderful rock formation which enticed us. We had a great stop at Hagdan Beach Resort, a newly opened resort in the island. With a P50 entrance fee, you can already take a glimpse on its beauty. The resort has comfortable cottages, volleyball area, and one air-conditioned room.

We had a good time at Hagdan Beach Resort, taking pictures and making the best poses. Then we moved to the famous shifting sand bar and experienced the refreshing water while we immersed ourselves.

We went back to the resort at 6 pm. When we arrived, we were very happy because there was already electricity. The island is powered by a generator where the light starts at 5:30 pm and ends at 10:30pm. Unfortunately, the government lighthouse on the middle island is no longer functioning. This facility should be rehabilitated for the benefit of boats and navigators at night.

We have grilled pork for our meal, and the resort provided our needs like charcoal, beverages, ice. We made fun listening to the party music and had a night swimming while the moon was so bright. We slept at 3 am and woke up at 5:00 am to witness the beautiful sunrise.

The motorboat was scheduled to depart at 8 am from Brgy. Mabini.

Definitely, a overnight stay was not enough to spend your time in the exquisite and unique island of Higatangan, so we decided to have two nights stay here the next time around.

The group would like to thank Gov. Gerry Boy Espina who provided food for us, and the Higatangan Island Beach Resort for the free accommodation and great services they offered.

Important things to bring to Higatangan are food and drinking water. However, if you plan to have an overnight stay, just book in the resort first so that they will be prepared.

Higatangan Island Beach Resort
Contact: Shalom (927) 847 4315
Beth (905) 262 2010
Email: reservations (at)

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