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Every corner of Biliran Island is indeed full of remarkable places. One proof is the town of Cabucgayan, which is proud to unveil its splendor. After a one-hour ride from Naval, we finally reached this place where many tourists attractions can be found. We had a smooth travel because the road going there is now all concreted.

The Kasabangan Falls located in Sitio Tagaytay, Brgy. Balaquid, Cabucgayan.

Casiawan Falls located in Brgy. Casiawan, Cabucgayan.

Cabucgayan has lots of beach resorts. One is the Bunga Prime Resort, located at Barangay Bunga. It has comfortable hotel rooms which are fully air-conditioned, an organized function hall, a venue suited for weddings, birthdays and other social events. There is also a swimming pool perfect for this summer to spend a vacation with. There was warm accommodation and quality services that the resort offered to their guests. We stayed overnight at the resort, sponsored mainly by its owner, Meldy Garcia Parker.

Aside from the relaxing beaches, we explored around the town. From the resort we traveled 30 minutes before we reached Kasabangan Falls. We walked on monkey rails and finally saw the entire beauty of the falls, for an entrance fee of P10 pesos for adults and P5 pesos for kids.

The nice ambiance of the cascade made it more attractive, and its cold water is refreshing and relaxing. After taking pictures in the scenery we at once swam on the chilly water at the bottom of the falls. However, we never attempted to go on the seventh fall, ”Saog.” which costs P300 pesos for Filipinos and P500 pesos for foreigners to pay a hired tour guide.

Another enchanting spot is the Casiawan Falls. It took us 30 minutes before we finally arrived at the falls. Its wonderful panorama surrounded by sturdy trees makes it more unique and captivating to the eyes of many. We also took a bath on the cold flowing waters of Casiawan Falls. It has really a nice view which is good and appropriate for picture taking.

On our way back to the resort, we noticed fresh fish at a low price and other sea foods displayed along the streets. And at their wet market, vendors were busy selling their goods to their customers. At 7 p.m. we ate our dinner of fried chicken and grilled squid. After resting for a while we got the chance to swim on the pool until 9p.m., its closing time. We were not even contented and so we rented the videoke. There was so much fun among the group having a sing-along party, and we did not realized that it was already 2 a.m., when we broke up to sleep.

At 7 a.m., we ate eggs with matching milo and fried rice for breakfast. Then we prepared ourselves for the next stop. We rode 30 minutes from Cabucgayan on the road going to Caibiran, which is not all concreted yet, but this did not give us a hassle. At last, we saw the exceptional Tumalistis Falls at Caibiran. We walked 315 steps down from the highway and struggled before our eyes could see the falls having the sweetest water in the country. It has a different kind of peculiarity that made it exquisite. The falls is known to be the source of water of the place.

Again, we enjoyed the frosty water of the falls while having our bath, and then with the camera took its best shots. For an hour that we were there at Tumalistis Falls, and we experienced happiness. It was one of a kind.

Time reminded us to go. We left the falls and headed to the house of Mrs. Lorna Ferguson, who sponsored our lunch. We stayed there for several hours and took our rest. At 4 p.m. we thanked her and went home to Naval.

Bunga Prime Resort
Contact: +63 53 502 9008
+ 63 920 4108 835
Email: prime.aumeldy (@), Inc. Mobile: +639206564965

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