By Flordelis E. Jackson

NAVAL, Biliran, May 20 (PIA) — “Seas surrounding the island province of Biliran are safe from red tide toxins,” said Arnulfo Briones, Provincial Director of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Biliran Provincial Office in a mobile phone interview Friday.

He said, BFAR-Biliran has a personnel assigned to become a member of the Monitoring Team organized by BFAR regional office no. 8 wherein part of the team’s area of coverage are the Biliran seas.

Briones said that just last week, a member of the monitoring went around Biliran island to check if red tide toxins were present; the result was negative.

However, Briones said that even if Biliran seas are not affected by these harmful sea organisms, he advised residents of the island to clean, wash, remove the intestines and gills of the fish before cooking. He also said to remove the internal organs of squids before cooking.

“Also wash shrimps, crabs, seashells, and other seafoods several times before cooking,” he said.

Since January this year, Briones said, Biliran sea waters had been toxic red tide organisms-free. (fej/PIA 8, Biliran)

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