By Prof. Rolando Borrinaga

The Municipality of Naval, under the leadership of Mayor Susan Velasquez-Parilla, was the provincial and Eastern Visayas awardee in the maiden edition of the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” Contest of the Department of the Interior and Local Government for CY 2011, introduced by the late Sec. Jesse M. Robredo. The fiberglass plaque for this feat was installed at the entrance of the Naval Municipal Hall and formally displayed on September 26, 2012, the 152nd Pueblo Day of Naval.

For the CY 2012 edition of the provincial contest, Naval with 4.30 points lost out to Kawayan, which scored 4.38 points, for a margin of a mere 0.08 points. In the Eastern Visayas edition of the contest, Kawayan was declared winner over the nominees from the other five provinces of the region.

However, when visited by an evaluation team from the DILG national office, it was found out that Kawayan failed to provide evidence that matched its alleged feat. As a result, Kawayan’s nomination was voided and disregarded and Eastern Visayas became the only region without a declared winner in the 2012 edition of the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” Contest.

When this disaster struck, DILG Regional Director Pedro A. Noval, Jr., claimed to have asked: “What happened to Naval?” There was a post-mortem over lunch during the 152nd Pueblo Day in the presence of Director Noval, OIC-Provincial Director Jess Naquila, Mayor Parilla, Vice-Mayor Redy Villordon, and the DILG people gave the facts and the yarn I noted above. I was there and I listened to the polite evasions to admit any semblance of accountability for the fiasco.

I say that the DILG in Biliran, by forced design or by default, conspired to deprive Naval of the opportunity to defend its feat in the second edition of the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” Contest by hoisting Kawayan as winner via a hair’s margin. Of course, the tactic backfired. A mirage will always be an illusion, not reality. What do they think of this one, a national singing contest that can be won by plurality of text votes?

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  1. sanglit dili namo ka angkon ug botos sa naval,bisan pag kinsa inyo e kontra kang mayora,tungod sa inyo binuang.maayo ramo sa mga sook nga lugar kay madala ninyo..maayo gayud mo mani ubra oyyy.hala mga taga naval ug kasikbit nga lugar hinuktoki gayud usa kay nia migawas napod ni ilang mudos arun lang mo sikat,matud pa dili mana pina agi tx vote hehe,toa ila tx vote idol wla pa gani mo sikat na laus na hehe.presko pa gayud sa ako huna2 bisan dugay na panahun,matud pa sa ako silingan mo adto nako capitolyo kay toa tag 500 para sa tx vote haha.kwarta sa mga tawo to intawun.kalooy sa mga biliranon.

  2. mao na pud lagi.. mga mani-ubra..kay ang tawo musugot nga buhaton na kay may utang man lagi ug kabubut-on nga bisan ilang kaugalingon nga kinabuhi itaya nalang basta sundon ang iya nautangan.unsa man ni… contest sa kanta nga maka daug lang iya contestant basin sa mga text messages,nga di-in gipanghatagan ug load ang mga tawo/kaila aron makapadala sa ila mga text messages unya iboto ang panagalan sa tawo nga ila gusto…oi lisud lagi ning maka trabaho lang..nga politically back-up,kay dili na ang nahibaw-an ang basihan kundi kon kinsa imo nahibaw-an diha probinsya..



  4. sa tanang desperado…
    kining mga tawo nga desperado bisag asa ibutang o sa bisag unsa nga situasyon permi lang pungot ug one sided.. ceguro ug pwedi palang pati ang pag-patay kay kristo ila kini ipasangil sa mga tawo nga maoy hinungdan sa ilang pagka-desperado… maayo gyud ang kilwat ninyo sa inyong amu… hehehehe… hinay hinay lang mga desperado kay tingali unya ug malisuan mo sa subrang kapungot??? hahahaha… sabagay daghan pa man bakante sa mandaluyong M-Hospital…. hahahaha… pare- pareho la mo sa inyong amu….

  5. I have high regards for Prof. Borrinaga because of his outstanding works in the past. But this time, all I feel is PITY for him. Sir, with due respect to what you have written in your article “WHAT HAPPENED TO NAVAL?”, please have time to visit our office because 100% of what you have written is totally wrong. its either you got the wrong information, or the facts were intentionally twisted to come up with the article. I am forcing myself not to believe that this article is painted with politics. Please be fair to our office who are working very hard to implement the landmark programs of the late Secretary Jesse. We have sacrificed a lot for the implemetation of these programs. You have not only maligned the integrity of our office, but also stepped on the ego and pride of its valiant field officers. However, our office is still very much willing to help you understand the program more. Damage has been done to our organization, but at least you could re write a more accurate article to correct what you have posted after listening to our side. I still belive in you sir, and i always believe that Historians and Academicians stand far greater than politicians, i hope you would not disappoint the plea of one of your believers…

  6. ang biliran ug almeria man to ang nidaug sa seal of good housekeeping adtong year 2010 or 2011 ba kaha to. sa tibouk region 8, kining 2 ra ka lungsod ang nidaug. nakabasa ko ani sa newspaper. ang naval murag lain to nga category. maayo siguro sir rolly si mam yolly opena, secretary ni mayor susan ang mo explain kay gikan man na siya sa dilg unya ang mga dilg officer sa almeria ug biliran adtong panahuna iyang bana ug anak.

  7. Simple righteous anger


    Thanks for your comment to the item I wrote, and for doing so under your by-line and not behind an alias.

    Whenever I write, I make inferences out of facts or arguments that I posit on paper, so that my reader/s would have basis to offer counter-arguments or refutation in case my interpretation happens to be wrong or off-tangent. I do not claim infallibility, and what I wrote in “What happened to Naval?” is along the same vein.

    Since you have claimed I was “totally wrong,” let me restate the facts that I presented before I offered my inference in my five-paragraph item:

    – Naval, with 4.30 points, lost in the provincial contest to Kawayan, with 4.38 points, through a very narrow margin of 0.08 point;

    – Kawayan became the only bet for Biliran Province in the Eastern Visayas level of the contest;

    – During regional judging, Kawayan was declared winner over the bets from the other five provinces of the region;

    – An evaluation team from DILG national office visited Kawayan and found out that the municipality failed to provide evidence that matched its alleged feat in the contest. Thus, its nomination to the national contest was voided or disregarded;

    – The national evaluation team did not pick an alternate contest winner for Eastern Visayas;

    – Eastern Visayas was the only region without a declared winner this year when the contest results were announced in appropriate ceremonies at the national level;

    – After this disaster, DILG Regional Director Pedro Noval, Jr., reportedly asked. “What happened to Naval?”

    If the answer to each of these statements is “No,” then you can in fact say I am “totally wrong” in what I have written. But, if some or all of the statements have “Yes” answers, then your categorical accusation is also not that air-tight.

    I attended the Naval Pueblo Day affair to speak about the remote past of my hometown, not to listen to a post-mortem about a recent disaster that Naval was involved in. What happened had happened, and the sources of my facts included the DILG regional director, OIC-provincial director, and somebody I believe was the field officer for Naval. They did all the talking; I just listened and processed what I had heard.

    In fairness to Director Noval, he took the embarrassment for the region with quiet dignity. He said he would not blame any of his underlings for the fiasco, but expressed the hope that the local contest would be better handled in the future. “I have to trust the people under me,” he said. I interpreted this bureaucratic statement of his as rather double-edged.

    Still a disaster has occurred, and Naval’s chance has been asked about after being compromised in the process. Given that circumstance, my track record has it that I would give some people a piece of my mind and passion, if only to shout that a grievous error has been committed, never mind if would be rectified.

    When the idea of writing my piece first came, I thought of my friends and acquaintances inside the DILG organization. I knew of their basic dedication and commitment to their jobs. But I also happen to have knowledge of the broader context and of the fractured vulnerability of key institutions in Biliran, including ones that I had helped buildup to some degree of prominence in the past.

    The conclusion of my item required some daring to make. But I guess it is something that even your director would have made if he were a concerned Navalian, a Biliranon, outsider of the DILG, and in my academic shoes. You would do the same if Almeria, your hometown, is slurred some way or the other. There is nothing personal there, just plain and simple righteous anger that needs venting out. “Bato-bato sa langit ….”

    -Prof. Rolando Borrinaga

  8. hahay kamo. kay naa ba gud GOOD HOUSEKEEPING nga tinuod o programa lang sa dungog nga murag dili tinuod?!!!
    aninawon daw nato ang Naval ug Kawayan kung tinuod ba nga angayan ba sila niining award-award……
    pag tsure mo uy! ayaw na mo paglalis hehehe

  9. Prof. Borrinaga,

    Let me have my rebuttal punto por punto on your outlined response;

    1. Naval, with 4.30 points, lost in the provincial contest to Kawayan, with 4.38 points, through a very narrow margin of 0.08 point;
    – True, but for your information, it is it not the DILG who gives this rating, it is generated thru the LGPMS, a self assessment tool of the LGUs, I think, by self assessment, it is very clear on who made the assessment to come up with the score. My point is, DILG does not have a hand in determining the Overall Point Index (OPI) of Naval, and other municipalities.

    2. Kawayan became the only bet for Biliran Province in the Eastern Visayas level of the contest;
    – Logic would tell us that in any competition, the team or individual with the highest score gets nominated for the top prize.

    3. During regional judging, Kawayan was declared winner over the bets from the other five provinces of the region;
    – There was no official communication from the office declaring Kawayan the regional winner.

    4. An evaluation team from DILG national office visited Kawayan and found out that the municipality failed to provide evidence that matched its alleged feat in the contest. Thus, its nomination to the national contest was voided or disregarded;
    -There was no DILG national evaluation team that visited Kawayan on record. The good Professor can validate this in Kawayan or in our Office. Evaluations conducted are usually done via table assessments of the submitted documents.

    5. The national evaluation team did not pick an alternate contest winner for Eastern Visayas;
    -We have no information of this procedure.

    6. Eastern Visayas was the only region without a declared winner this year when the contest results were announced in appropriate ceremonies at the national level;
    -Probably right.

    You mentioned that among your sources of facts were the DILG RD, DILG PD and the MLGOO of Naval… the Mayor was also around. You only listened and processed the facts, and your processor blundered in the process. Here’s why you failed to process their conversations correctly:
    1. The RD, PD, MLGOO and the Municipal Mayor already has a deep understanding of the program, they don’t need to elaborate among themselves everything that they were discussing.
    2. In your article, and even in your reply, you never made a correction of the DILG program that was made as the centerpiece of your discussion, for you, it was really the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” program of the DILG when in fact they were talking about the “Gawad Pamana ng Lahi”. The SGH was never a contest, the Gawad Pamana ng Lahi is. But if you want to take a glimpse of the “Seal of Good Housekeeping”, here’s a summary:
    a. 2010 (Maiden Year)
    i. Municipality of Kawayan -only compliant LGU in Region 8

    b. 2011 -compliant LGUs
    i. Municipality of Almeria
    ii. Municipality of Biliran
    iii. Municipality of Cabucgayan
    iv. Municipality of Kawayan
    v. Municipality of Maripipi
    vi. Municipality of Naval
    vii. Provincial Government of Biliran

    c. 2012 Evaluation is still on going

    Please don’t make people believe that what you have written is accurate when in fact it is not. You have made it appear that DILG is in connivance with some politicians. If your intention was for the truth and to let the people know, you should have consulted the people who have sufficient knowledge of the program.
    Your claim that my categorical accusation is not “air-tight” if I answer yes to your outlined statements cannot change the fact that those statements, even if I have a categorical yes as an answer, were based on a false premise with suspicious intentions. I may say yes to all of them, but the entirety of the analysis is totally wrong.
    As a Historian, you went as far as the National Archives just to dig up original manuscripts of our beginnings, but you failed to visit the DILG Provincial Office which is only a stone’s throw away from your house to make your article more reliable.
    As Ben Parker’s reminder of Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibilities.” I personally lamented on this article because as a man of knowledge, your credibility is beyond compare. People would out-rightly believe what you will be writing without any doubts and questions in their heads. You called it “daring” on your part when you concluded that our office “by forced design or by default, conspired to deprive Naval of the opportunity to defend its feat in the second edition of the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” Contest by hoisting Kawayan as winner via a hair’s margin.” You call it daring and I call it irresponsible. On my part, if Almeria is slurred, one way or another, my rage would be incomparable, but I will only point the gun to the one responsible, and I will only pull the trigger when I am already sure that, without a doubt, he/she/they are really responsible for the blunder.
    Again, it’s the Gawad Pamana ng Lahi, not the Seal of Good Housekeeping.

  10. As stated by jalmz:
    Kawayan became the only bet for Biliran Province in the Eastern Visayas level of the contest;
    – During regional judging, Kawayan was declared winner over the bets from the other five provinces of the region;
    – An evaluation team from DILG national office visited Kawayan and found out that the municipality failed to provide evidence that matched its alleged feat in the contest. Thus, its nomination to the national contest was voided or disregarded;

    in other words there there was manipulation.

    Any idea who did it???

  11. Dex,
    1. Can the DILG provincial office in Biliran province published in the official results of the 2011 Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) of the municipalities of Naval and Kawayan for the public to know it? The publication of the 2011 LGPMS results of the two towns could give us a clear picture of what indicators in the LGPMS that gave Kawayan a competitive advantage over Naval in the Seal of Good Housekeeping?
    2. Can you please explain what an LPGMS is?
    3. “Evaluations conducted are usually done via table assessments of the submitted documents” This is one big mistake that DILG or any other office conducting evaluations “must” have to correct. There should be ocular visit to validate if what has been reported are true and real and not just manipulated documents to make it appear good in the eyes of the evaluators
    4. I advised you to conduct a comprehensive and extensive interview with your own regional director, provincial director, fellow MLGOO including the mayor of Naval if you wish to dig more and made clarifications on the statements they have made during their conversations with the writer of the article. In so doing, you can make your own story very entirely different that of Prof. Borrinaga’s article if you really wanted to refute it.
    5. It may be that the national evaluators did not pass in your office or did not make a courtesy visit to concerned authorities in Kawayan so they can evaluate things in the proper perspective and objectively without the usual “grand treatment” that sometime create “surprises” in the result ratings.

  12. LGPMS? Mao ning computer system nga gigamit sa DILG nga daghang nagreklamo. Gani, kung negative ang resulta, makasab-an intawon ang MPDC sa Mayor.

  13. Thanks Dexter Narrido for pointing these things out. I was hoping somebody from DILG would come out with a response. I know the enormous amount of data required for the SGH. No easy task.

    However, I also understand where Prof. Borrinaga is coming from. The good side here is it would be good for all of us if the people of Biliran could be interested on the SGH to create an informed constituency. The article has precisely given DILG that opportunity. Hopefully, in the future, more citizens will be involved. Even better if the criteria for the SGH are upgraded (for example, one criterion could be on income generation). It is my humble opinion that the bar has been set so low for an LGU to get a SGH.

    I believe the next awarding of the Gawad ng Pamana ng Lahi is on Oct 26 at Malacanang? If Naval is in the running, my good luck and best wishes.

  14. for this topic, my previous comment is probably my last. i think i have proven my point and rebutted important points in the subject article. if there are perceived procedural lapses in the process, its not for us to decide, we dont act on pure intuition alone, we have guidelines formulated by the top management at DILG central office.
    however, the office will be coming up with an official statement on this issue soon. i only hope than we could be provided the same space to for the publication of the office’ official statement.

    still, my hats off to prof. borrinaga for being a professional in presenting the arguments…this is nothing personal, i just feel the need to air my sentiments on the issue.

    thnx Jalmz for the opportunity to be heard, as what Voltaire said, “I may not like what you are saying, but i will fight to the death your right to say it.”

    Thank you.



    So, the name of the contest is “Gawad Pamana ng Lahi” and not “Seal of Good Housekeeping.” It is my fault to have mistaken one label for the other. Still the same, the basic facts I had outlined remain: Naval lost to Kawayan by a hairline in the provincial edition of contest I had mislabeled; Kawayan won in the regional edition of the contest, but its win was not accepted; and Eastern Visayas is the only region without a regional winner in the GPL contest this year.

    You seem to confuse my role as historian and journalist. I write history for events that are at least 50 years old; preferably older. Younger than that timetable, the best I can attempt is to record an accurate chronicle of events. And writing a chronicle is pretty much like writing the minutes of a meeting. Even those who had attended the same meeting still argue about what had been recorded in the minutes, which narrative is often amended or recast to the satisfaction of the parties involved.

    In the case of “What happened to Naval?”, the reportable story came to me, totally unsolicited. And since my journalist’s instinct told me it was reportable, I wrote about what I had heard – as an opinion piece, not a news item, with the matching facts I thought I had gotten right. As it turned out, the name of the contest I had recorded needed amendment.

    I am glad that other bloggers had joined the discussion here. Honest answers to the questions they have raised could certainly help provide a good chronology of events of the disaster around the GPL contest in Eastern Visayas for 2011. So that the mistakes that happened could be avoided in the future.

    Now, for my comments to some of your itemized rebuttals:

    1. Re the LGPMS self-assessment tool –

    Mayor Susan V. Parilla admitted that Naval’s score in the item on “Scholarships” (?) was pulled down in 2011. The reason for this was that scholarship funds allocated for disbursement thru the Naval mayor’s office by a different congressman had run out. And if I may add: some school buses allocated for use in Naval were embargoed.

    I was certain my own “scholarship” for Naval over the past five years were not what the contest criteria meant. But I can insist that it is closer to the spirit of the contest title, which translates to English as “Racial Heritage Award.”

    I heard suggestions that Naval’s point in future contests could be enhanced if it would have its own Internet website and if it would issue some sort of publication. For the website, a figure of P100,000.00 was mentioned. I was surprised by this suggestion.

    I had an active website called “Hometown Naval” from 1999 to 2009. And even after, the free domain provider, folded up in 2009, my website had been mirrored and retained by some antiquarian sites. So how can the DILG say Naval does not have a website?

    Of course, their intended answer would be one that is registered with, which could explain the P100,000.00 ballpark figure, payable every year. But I would not recommend a site for Naval as yet; that would be throwing good public money for very miniscule returns. A free Facebook account for Naval, properly monitored, would actually offer more benefits and exposure for this capital town.

    As for publicity outlets, this has been made available for free all these years by, which is handled largely by Naval natives. Naval is actually the best chronicled town of Biliran Province in the Internet, and the DILG should take cognizance of (and allow points for) this function handled by natives not in the municipal payroll. Also, not many people take in-house newsletters seriously, no matter how glossy or visually attractive and expensive they are.

    2. The qualificatory statement was connected with the “how about Naval?” suggestion after it became apparent that Kawayan could not make it.

    3. I read about Kawayan’s win in an item published by a Tacloban daily newspaper.

    4. Yes, I heard mention about the “table assessments.” I also heard that an evaluation team came, perhaps only as far as Naval, because you deny that the team reached Kawayan. It seems “how about Naval?” came up around this time.

    5-6. I heard the admission from the DILG regional director. This was the context of the director’s query, “What happened to Naval?”

    I hope this chronicle of events is straighter now.

    – Rolando O. Borrinaga


  16. Prof. Borinaga, kung OPINION piece diay imong isuwat, pwede ra diay ta mosuwat ug sayop, to the point nga mo conclude ta nga kuwang imong mga ebidensya? klaro man kaayo nga sayop sayop ang pagkatahi nimo sa istorya. i believe sa gisulti sa taga DILG, tungod kay sila ang mas nakahibalo kung unsa jud ang nahitabo. gihagit ka nila nga moadto sa ilang opisina aron maistoryahan ninyo ang dili mao nga nasuwat nimo sa imong “Opinion” article, ning tubag ka ba sa ilang hagit?nahadlok cguro ka mahibaw an nga daghan jud ug sayop impong “OPINION”, ug talawan ka moangkon nga nasayop ka. Di man pod cguro ka pasakitan nila kung moadto ka sa ilang Opisina aron mangutana kung unsa ang tinuod, pag pauban ug pulis kung nahadlok ka sa ila.






  18. BI.COM Palihog lang pag post ani ako blog ako baya mga previous comments gahapon wala bya ninyo gi post regarding kang Espina.

    Anyways, nindot ni nga title sa topic dah..WHAT HAPPENED TO NAVAL? Daghan kaayo ako na obserbahan karon palibot sa Naval ug kani nga question maoy perme nato ipangutana sa mga nglingkod dha karon sa municipyo. Here as follws:

    1. Nganong naa pa man ang mga laray ug peryahan karon nga di ba one week or two weeks ra man na before and after sa fiesta? Additional kotong nasad ni illegal sukot nasad?

    2. Ngano man nang mga traffic enforcer sa Naval nga dapat unta ug enforcer ka naa ka tunga sa junction mag control sa traffic, ngano kani sila naa man la sa daplin nagpahipi, ning agi ba kini sila ug seminar unsaon pag handle bsan simple nga trapik?

    3. Ang simbahan is a sacred place, ngano man ning tolerate man ang municipyo anang naay gihimong imnanan dha pag gawas la sa gate sa simbahan? Unsa man na? aber? Naay gagmay na lamisa ilawom sa mga kahoy kilid sa simbahan naay dghan mabuntagan dha nag inom. Mao ni gitawag ninyo love ko ang naval?

    4. Ngano man ang municipyo sa naval dili man maka himo ug lakang mahitungod aning mga driver sa sikad dapat unta before mo mghatag ug permit sa operator seminaron ninyo ang mga driver sa sikad usa hatagan ug permit. Ngano di man ninyo ni hatagan ug pagtagad?

    Kung kinsa man ang hintungdan palihog pagtubag ani WHAT HAPPENED TO NAVAL?


  19. makigpustaaanay ko, kung mangutana ko karon ug “what happened to Naval” sa ilang
    1. Ka way aksyon sa Traffiic situation
    2. Terminal nga gihimong laray
    3. Mga Laray nga hangtod karon naa pa
    Pustaanay ta way taga munisipyo nga motubag ani… way aksyon ang munisipyo bahin ani.

  20. Sakto kaayo ka ” the great ako” wala gyud taga municipyo motubag ani kay hapit na baya sad ang election pamohunan ba. Abtik man lang sila mo pa picture2x homan sa bagyo para aron ingnon pro paglimpyo sa naval mismo wala silay nabuhat.

  21. What Happened to Naval?… karon?…..

    Oo tinuod midaghan ang mga sakyanan kumpara sa una, apan ngano samok na kaayo? Kay sa unang mga nagdumala, ang mga daplin sa kalsada nga GIDILI pag park labi na sa mga habalhabal, KARON GITAMBAKAN NA PAG PARK sa mga habalhabal ug uban pa kay LAX RA KAAYO SI MAYORA!

    Ang kanang laray magdugay pa na kay naa ra bay kolektor nga dili para sa munsipyo ug eleksyon na sunod tuig, O clear pa nas tin-aw nga tubig ha!

    Karon sunod tuig magpapili pagkakonsehal uban sa grupo ni mayora ang iyang anak…. uy hain na man ang kawsa ni mayora nga dili maayo ang dynasty…..! mga followers padayon!

    Ang Naval karon human milabay ang hapit na 6 ka tuig misamot ka samok ug kalat and merkado! dakpon daw sa pulis pero tawagan man ni mayora pabuhian ang violators ug bayran pa ang banyera ug isda sa munsipyo… whaaattt???!!!!

    Seal of Good Housekeeping? Gawad Pamana ng Lahi? Orchids Award (No Smoking?Ew!) ug unsa pang mga awards diha….. pssst HOY AYAW MO UG LALIS kay mas labaw sa sa award nga papel ANG TINUOD NGA MAKITA SA LUNGSOD!

    Ambot lang naunsa na ni…. aw Love Ko Ang Naval kuno ta uy!
    (hikhikhik naa poy gusto mopapili atbang sa karon mayor, aws baniog pod nga motabon sa mga pusher ug adik… hahaaaayyy!!!)

  22. WHAT HAPPENED TO NAVAL? Sound something nga naa gyuy problema ang present na pamonoan ang lungsod sa naval. Mura ba ug gusto na nga makabuhi gikan sa mga kamot sa mga naghawid sa lungsod karon, mura sad ug gusto na limpyohon ug ayohon na ang naval kay mura ug naa gyuy wla mo subay sa sakto ang lungsod karon. Wlay maayo nga pagdumala, ning balik pagka 4th class municipality, walay sakto nga colllection ang lunsod, gubot ang terminal, gubot ang dalan, gubot ang merkado, laray na wala sa lugar, kita sa laray dili ang municipyo ang naka pahimulos, naay imnanan kilid sa simbahan wala gisaway. traffic enforcer wala kabalo sa trabaho. Naval na unsa ka naman diay??? Ang imong kita tua man sa derby, 6 ka tuig nman ang ning agi wlay man ghapon agi ang lungsod, ang lifestyle ra man sa individual membro sa pamilya ang ning improve. Ingon love ninyo ang Naval, if you love somebody set him/her free.. FREE NAVAL…LET’S CLEAN IT!!

  23. mao na Prof Borrinaga ang sakto nga tubag sa pangutana nga “What happened to Naval?”, dili kay mga inosente ang pasumanginlan daun nga nagconspire daw aron hikawan ug award ang Naval.


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