First Posted 04:05:00 02/19/2013

Naval, Biliran – A fire razed the house of a certain Merlinda Samong early this morning in Brgy. Lico, Naval, Biliran. Firefighters from the Naval Fire Station responded to the alarm at 8:46 a.m., but nothing was left after the blaze engulfed Samong’s house, which was made of light materials.


Samong told the responding fire crews that only her two children, a 4-year-old and the other barely 1 year old, were left while she was away from home.

Fire department investigators initially determined the fire was caused by the children playing with matches inside the house.

No injuries were sustained by the victims. However, damage to their property was estimated at Php60,000.00.

Lico Barangay Captain Biboy Castro donated Php1,000.00 from his personal money to aid the fire victims. According to Castro, he will convene the barangay council tomorrow for possible additional assistance from the barangay.

In an interview after the incident, Naval Mayor Susan Parilla confirmed that the local government will extend assistance to the family by sending out a tent for their temporary shelter and other forms of relief.



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