The Office of the Mayor of the Municipality of Biliran would like to inform all Biliranons, and the general public who utilize the wharf of Biliran that yesterday, March 18, 2013, the Local Government Unit of Biliran conducted a bidding for four different infrastructure projects, among those is the improvement of the municipal port through the embankment and reclamation of the eastern side of the wharf. The completion of the reclamation project would also commence the construction of a new municipal building (phase 1) and the proposed expansion of the municipal wet market. As to the pantalan itself, the LGU will still have to settle the issue as to the ownership and control of the pantalan. Although this is government property, it has to be made clear as to which government agency – either the Department of Public Works and Highways, or the Department of Transportation and Communication- that has real jurisdiction of the said port facility. The LGU of Biliran is looking at the example of the Naval Port, that after a long period, it was finally settled that the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has jurisdiction and control of the Naval Pantalan. It took more than two years before the LGU of Biliran was able to implement these projects as it has to follow the strict regulations of government agencies in the implementation of these kinds of developments. A lot of environmental concerns are to be considered as the port area of Biliran is very near the Biliran Strait where the Biliran Bridge is located, and the water current is very strong. Even the picture itself shows that the other side of the pantalan has calm waters, and the other side has waves. This is because of the water current of the strait.


In the last two years and nine months, the Local Government Unit of Biliran has introduced developments to the town particularly the improvement of the old wet market- as a means to improve local commerce; the improvement of the drainage system of the town proper- for sanitation and disaster management; the construction of apartment- type niches in the municipal cemetery; the expasion and improvement of the rural Health Center, among others. All these were achieved through the cooperation of all Biliranons, particularly, the full cooperation of the Sangguniang Bayan and the Office of the Vice Mayor and the LGU employees, despite opposing political views and affiliations.

We have been following the comments here and in other sites, all those, whether positive or negative, were of great help in determining the problems and in the shaping of plans for the municipality. We wish to gather more comments, be it praises or criticisms, for as long as it is constructive and with the intention of pushing for the development of the Municipality. Thank you and good day.

Sincerely, Allan Paul Uyvico Tubis, Executive Assistant. ( we apologize for the grammatical and spelling errors). Photo by Jalmz

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