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Name: Enrico Bernardo Uyvico
Address: San Isidro St.,Brgy. Poblacion, Culaba, Biliran
Date of Birth: July 15, 1953

Civil Status: Married
Religion: Roman Catholic
Citizenship: Filipino

Spouse: Letecia Go Uyvico
No. of Children: 5 Girls

Occupation: Currently Mayor of Municipality of Culaba, Biliran

Father’s Name: Demetrio M. Uyvico
Mother’s Name: Aurora B. Uyvico

College: Araneta University
Major in Animal Husbandry (Malabon)

1980- 1st elected Mun. Mayor
1998- 1st elected as Board Member
2001- ran and lost as Vice Governor
Twice- Elected president (league of mun. Mayors of the Philippines) biliran chapter 1983 and 1988
Once- appointed, president league of Mun Mayors of the Phil (biliran chapter 2012)
Over 30 years in serving the public


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