By: Vic John Potot
First Posted 08:20:00 04/08/2013

The election campaign is as hot as the summer heat. Politicians are working on all possible means to get everyone’s vote.


I have witnessed considerable political rallies where wanna be servants present their juicy promises of transforming our province. After being elected though, few kept their promises. More succumbed to the power and fame game, outrightly disregarding public service. They become too clingy to the position they would even take every measure to maintain their status.

But I am not losing hope. This kind of politics could be changed. To my mind, the best practices in the corporate world can be applied to public service. Most companies like the company where I work utilize indicators to measure its performance, both the shortcomings and successes. These indicators are shown to the workforce on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis so we’ll know where we are standing and at what level we have progress as an organization.

In the context of public service, our elected officials should regularly inform the people of the performance of the province through its leadership like “ulat sa bayan” that are conducted in the bigger municipalities and cities or that of the SONA of the President. We, the constituents, deserve to know what happened to our taxes. We deserve a transparent government. We deserve to know the road maps they have for our province. We deserve answers to our questions.

In this coming election, I urge you not to follow your feelings. Be involved. Be really involved. Do your research. Study. Develop your own weighing scale to gauge the pros and cons of your candidates. Choose the best person who you think is capable of performing. Remember that we need to look for a person who is a courageous leader and who has the balls, if I may say, to show us concrete answers and who effectively gets results for the welfare of our people in BILIRAN. God bless us all Biliranons!

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