By: Rodrigo S. Victoria

NAVAL, Biliran – A top official of the tourism industry in Biliran province revealed that he is in the thick of preparation for the basic needs of one of the promising revenue-earning venture of Biliran province which is tourism.

Dionisio B. Oliva, Jr. disclosed in a telephone interview that he wanted to put in place the basic needs and the essential requirements in the tourism industry that are pre-requisites before venturing into other programs, projects and activities geared towards the improvement of tourism in the province.

“We have to address first the things that are lacking but are vital in the tourism industry in the province” said Oliva who was installed as the provincial tourism and information officer recently.

He mentioned the lack of statistical report on tourist arrivals from accommodation facilities in the province which is one basic tourism requirement that needs to be addressed to determine the number of foreign and local tourists coming to Biliran province.

However, Oliva informed that 60 percent of the accommodation facilities in the province have already complied in the submission of the statistical report on tourist arrivals especially the big accommodation establishments.

He also urged the municipal tourism councils in the eight towns of Biliran province to help him in encouraging these accommodation facilities to regularly submit the statistical report on tourist arrivals every month.

Oliva also lamented on the lack of tour guides who will accompany tourists to the different tourist destinations in the province.

The provincial government of Biliran is contemplating of conducting trainings for tour guiding to some 30 persons this month of April in coordination with the regional office of the Department of Tourism (DOT), Oliva further said.

He requested DOT for a professional photographer who will take shots of the different tourism destinations for better promotion and wide dissemination of the tourist destinations in the province of Biliran.

His other plans include the holding of regular monthly meetings with the tourism officers of the eight towns in a tourist destination near the host town and the holding of a multi-sectoral meeting in order to solicit suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of the tourism industry in Biliran province. (PIA 8 – Biliran).

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  1. This is a big step for Biliran. Yes the basics and this should include improvement of the Port of Naval whic is one of the main hubs of Biliran, and the completion of the airport. Local tourists are target but we cannot dismiss the revenue internationational tourists will create. The key is availability of commercial flights even just twice a wekk in the beginning.

  2. the government in naval ignores the tourism industry because
    they don’t make money in this field if they can put millions in thier pocket you’ll see how fast they stick their face in that area.


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