Released: May 1, 2013, 1:14 pm

The Biliran Electric Cooperative, Inc. is right now at the midst of questions on the series of unscheduled power interruption experienced throughout the coverage area especially that May 2013 elections is imminent.


As a deputized agency by the Commission on Elections, BILECO played a crucial role in delivering efficient and reliable electric service to its whole area coverage. BILECO’s immense contribution is one that is being looked forward to not only by its member-consumers but also by the COMELEC and the National Electrification Administration. There are standards set under the Philippine Distribution Code that electric cooperatives and other distribution utilities must adhere and conform. Thus, it is BILECO’s duty to fully respond to the call for a reliable power supply not only during elections but all throughout the year.

Yet, despite our mobilizations and intensive preparations to stand firm on our commitment, BILECO still experiences a chain of unscheduled momentary power interruptions both in the distribution side and the NGCP. To provide the member-consumers an idea and handful knowledge of the unscheduled power interruptions that transpired from the period April 22 – May 1, 2013, the following is the generated report from the BILECO substation:

April 22 – No Power Interruption
23 – Feeder 2 – burned electric pole in Culaba Poblacion
(Power interrupts at 9:43 am. Conducts looping at 10:25 am to
supply power from Culaba to Villacornejo, Kawayan. Power resumes at
2:35 pm.)
24 – Feeder 1 – the breaker tripped (cause: phase bravo to neutral)
(Power interrupts at 5:00 am and resumes 30 seconds after)
25 – No Power Interruption
26 – NGCP’s momentary interruption
(Power interrupts at 3:50 am and resumes at 3:52 am)
27 – No Power Interruption
28 – No Power Interruption
29 – No Power Interruption
30 – NGCP’s scheduled power interruption (please refer info below)
Morning: (Power interrupts at 8:05 am and resumes at 8:10 am)
Afternoon: (Power interrupts at 3:48 pm and resumes at 3:50 pm)

May 1 – NGCP’s momentary interruption – the breaker tripped
(cause: phase bravo to neutral)
(Power interrupts at 9:20 am and resumes at 9:22 am)

According to NGCP, they will be conducting a series of maintenance activities on their 69kV lines as part of their contingency measures for the upcoming May 2013 elections. One scheduled interruption in the entire area coverage is on May 4, Saturday, for about 9 hours (please refer to NGCP’s letter below). Thus, we will then be expecting more outages from NGCP before the Election Day.


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