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Backpacking and preparing all the things that we should bring consumed our time Sunday morning for an overnight stay at Higatangan Island, said to be the Boracay-like island only in our province. Excitement ran through us especially that we were craving for a perfect place to spend our summer. At 10:30 am we were all ready for departure. We paid the pump boat P3, 200.00 for pakyaw going to Hagdan Beach Resort. However, for a daily trip to Higatangan the fare is only P50.00.


Along the blue waters surrounding the island, we finally encountered the magnificent Hagdan Beach Resort for a 45 minute ride. Upon having a view on the place you would really be amazed. The resort was so nice that it is full of serenity and an ideal place for relaxation. It is located at the back of the island with its great rock formations in it. Every guest would love to explore the fantastic rock formations and walk on the seashore feeling the white sand on your feet.



The beach has a wonderful ambiance and crystal clear water good for swimming and sightseeing underwater. It is very soothing and refreshing spending your time on the water and you will really feel the summer aura. They will also gave you a kind accommodation and provide kitchen utensils for your use. The resort has well designed cottages good for 20 persons that cost P500.00 and a floating cottage for P300.00.


If you wish to stay at the resort, you can check in on their air-conditioned rooms. They have three rooms and one of them costs P2,000.00, and another P2, 600.00. They also have a volleyball area for recreation. There is no entrance fee except if visitors exceed to 20 persons and they will collect P20.00 per head. With regards to their electricity, the schedule is 5pm-5am.

We enjoyed our stay there where we brought our own food. We had chicken adobo and pancit for our late lunch and grilled pork meat with lumpia for our dinner. We had a great time exploring the resort. We were all attracted to its splendor that it made us pose for pictures here and there, capturing every angle. At night, we jived to the radiance of the moon and gazed at the stars and we all had fun together with the sounds of the music.


Early in the morning, we ate our breakfast and took our last glance on the place. At 9:00 am we hiked going to Higatangan Beach Resort located at Brgy. Mabini and it took us one hour before we finally arrived. We wanted to witness the beauty of the shifting sand bar and to swim in its cool water. The shifting sand bar has fine sand and azure waters around it. It has a beautiful view suited for picture taking. You will be enticed to dip yourself on the water and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.


After the tiring yet enjoyable adventure, we were all eager to reach home for a sweet rest. We traveled back to our place through a pump boat and arrive safe. An overnight is not enough to experience the beauty of Higatangan.

But still, we’re happy to unleash its uniqueness. These words fit for our clamor on summer adventure “we shall return”. would like to thanks Hagdan Beach Resort


Hagdan Beach Resort
Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran, Philippines
Contact: +63 917 604 2273

Higatangan Island Beach Resort
Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran, Philippines
Contact CP#: (927) 847 4315 Shalome, (905) 262 2010 Beth

Limpiado White Sand Beach Resort
Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran, Philippines
Mobile Nos.: +63 917 310 4278, +63 917 310 7476, +63 916 374 99 28

Emponet Barton Beach
Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran, Philippines
+639 487 6311

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