by: Rodrigo S. Victoria

NAVAL, Biliran – The top official of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in Biliran province has emphasized two things to the deputized agencies of the commission: massive voters education and keep away from politicians.

Atty. Sabino C. Mejarito, provincial election supervisor of Comelec-Biliran conveyed this message before the representatives of the different deputized agencies here in Biliran province in an evaluation and exit conference held recently at the Nipa Hut complex at the provincial capitol compound.

Mejarito made the remark after evaluating that Comelec-Biliran and its deputies have only reached “more than half” of what it desired to attain in the conduct of the May 13, 2013 synchronized national and local elections.

“First, is to have a massive voters’ education pertaining to their important role as citizens in a democratic society”, Mejarito stressed.

He said that voters must know that the future of the country lies in their hands and implied “it is pitiful for the next generation if the country where they grow is already in the claw of unscrupulous and unmindful leaders”.

Mejarito also pointed out to the deputies to keep away from politicians since this country relied on the people who are duty-bound by law in implementing and securing the elections.

“If we have to engage in the dirty game of politics, to whom this country will rely to?” he further emphasized with a note that the majority must stay in the middle to implement the election laws.

The top official of Comelec-Biliran admitted that there were lots of problem in the election and stressed that “Comelec personnel alone cannot fix it”. He likewise challenged his co-workers in Comelec-Biliran to work hard to strengthen the people’s trust and confidence.

“We have witnessed the different kinds of manipulations of would-be politicians or private citizens in order that their candidates may have an edge or win as if their candidates will be elected, everybody will turn good and change will be achieved” Mejarito further observed in the May 13, 2013 synchronized national and local elections.

However, Mejarito disclosed that if all of those who win got elected because they buy votes, then we could not expect change.

He also cited in his message an election ruling inculcating the role of voters in a democratic society reminding them that the Constitution provided that sovereignty resides in the people and that all government authority emanates from them and that their exercise of the power of suffrage provided by the Constitution will be a myth if it is not voluntary and free.

The ruling added that the power of suffrage must be zealously guarded against all attempts to prostitute it. Otherwise, it would permit the evil force to gnaw into the very structure of government and ultimately destroy its foundation, Mejarito cited. (PIA-Biliran)

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