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BILIRAN Rep. Rogelio Espina has received the “Gawad sa Makataong Pag-unlad Para sa mga Lalawigang May Malaking Pag-angat sa Kaunlarang Pantao” award from the Human Development Network.

The ceremony was held last July 29. Espina’s brother, Biliran Governor Gerardo Espina Jr. also received the same award.

The Human Development Network (HDN) is manned by Philippines’ foremost economists, political scientists, sociologists, statisticians, and specialists in public administration, education, labor, and social work.

HDN is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its advocacy is to promote the concept of sustainable human development by giving awards to the most improved Philippine provinces in terms of life expectancy, education, and standard of living.

The joint statistical research, of the HDN, UNDP, and the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), shows that the island province of Biliran has been nationally-ranked as second not only in the “largest gainer in standard of living” sub-category but also in the over-all-level list of the “most improved Philippine provinces” from 1997 to 2009.

“Out of the 80 Philippine provinces in the list, the province of Biliran had been easily promoted from its 44th rank in 1997 to its 13th rank in 2009, because of the combined efforts of the people of Biliran and its political leaders to consistently upgrade our provincial healthcare services, educational system and infrastructure,” Espina said.

Simultaneous with this year’s HDN award to Biliran is this year’s enactment of Republic Act 10409 which is the law declaring the Province of Biliran as a Tourism Development Area.

“With Biliran’s current tourism infrastructure upgrading, tranquil & pristine white beaches, and its track record of being one of the safest & most hospitable provinces in the country, we hope not only to become No. 1 in the future rankings of HDN, UNDP, and NSCB, but also to become the next premiere tourist destination in Southeast Asia,” Espina said.

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  1. To the Awardee, This is the result of your dedicated service to Biliranons. Your closeness to the masses espicially to the elder and youth brought you this award, a genuine plaque of appreciation given to you for your unmatch achievement such as
    helping those needy ( pobre ) , a genuine smile that captivated by all Sr Citizens in Biliran.

    Continue your service to the masses, embracing the higher ideals and with Gods complete guidance makes you as humble servants to the people of Biliran.


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