First Posted 09:38:00 09/10/2013
Last Updated 14:16:00 09/11/2013

UPDATE: 02:09 PM Sept. 12, 2013

No plane crashed in Biliran. – txt msg from Sofronio Dacillo, Jr., PDRRMC officer of the Biliran Provincial Government.

04:31 PM Sept. 11, 2013

NOT A FALSE ALARM. Sofronio Dacillo Jr, officer of the Biliran PDRRMC, said the search for the missing plane was called off because the search teams could not find traces of its wreckage. But they could not also declare it was a false alarm because there are enough eyewitnesses who saw the plane going down into the forest.

01:41 PM Sept. 11, 2013

Search for reported missing plane called off. Negative result.

01:28 PM Sept. 11, 2013

The Laugan Mountaineers of Naval have pulled out of the search, although, they are a burnt smell away from the plane believed to have crashed yesterday. But they could not find any wreckage from the thick forest foliage with deep ravines and vertical cliffs.

08:36 PM Sept. 10, 2013

Search for missing plane resumes tomorrow. There were several eyewitnesses who saw the white small plane going down and not coming up again.

The white small plane was seen by eyewitnesses to have disappeared early this morning somewhere in this range of forested mountains in central Biliran.

04:06 PM Sept. 10, 2013

As reported by Jun Dacillo of Biliran PDRRMC in a press briefing after the aerial search by two helicopters from AFP Visayas Command there were no signs of a plane crash in the hinterlands of Brgy. Imelda, Naval, Biliran.


However, LGU Naval thru Mayor Susan Parilla and the members of BFP and PNRC search and rescue operations will pursue going to the believed crash site.


Twenty seven members of mountaineers from LGU Naval, Biliran BFP, BGI, PNRC and from Brgy. Imelda are now in the mountains of Brgy. Imelda to continue the search and rescue operations at the site.

As earlier reported that the crash site has been already located, as of reporting time no trace of private plane crash occurred in the mountain of Brgy. Imelda Naval, Biliran.

10:18 AM Sept. 10, 2013. Naval Mayor Parilla informed that the search and rescue operations continued for the still missing plane that crashed in Brgy. Imelda early this morning.

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9:58 AM Sept. 10, 2013. Naval Mayor Parilla informed that they have not found any traces of the crashed private plane yet.

Naval Mayor Susan Velasquez is requesting aviation authorities for an aerial survey to locate the crashed plane.

Naval Mayor Susan V. Parilla, Vice-Mayor Redentor C. Villordon and the personnel of the Biliran Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) are now at the crash site for the search and rescue operations on the still unfound private plane believed to have crashed in Brgy. Imelda this morning.


A still unidentified private plane was seen to have crashed into a mountain barangay in Naval, Biliran early this morning today, Sept. 10.


Naval Vice-Mayor Redentor C. Villordon informed that Brgy. Capt. Of Imelda notified Naval Mayor Susan V. Parilla at around 7 a.m. about the incident.

Search and rescue operations are now conducted by the local risk reduction and management council of Naval for the plane which crash site is still not found at this time.

Rescue ambulances and firetrucks are already in Brgy. Imelda.


Eyewitness’ account of the crashing plane

Light moment. A song and dance routine lightens the frustration at failing to find visible traces of the missing plane.

The search team that brought the’s camera went through dense forest one hour from the base camp. They can smell the wreckage, but the teams that criss-crossed the locate it in the dense foliage.


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  2. taga capiz man daw tag-iya sa eroplano. nabuntagan lang daw to mao nawad-an ug kusog kay nasilakan sa adlaw. mao nahagbong. basin ug nakalupad na pud to karong gabie


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