By: Rodrigo S. Victoria

NAVAL, Biliran– The Civil Service Commission (CSC) here in Eastern Visayas will open its computer-assisted type of examinations to the professional and sub-professional examinees in the region now to be called Computer Examinations (ComEx), said an official of the commission in an interview.

“ComEx will be tentatively opened by November this year”, Vicente C. Tolosa, senior personnel specialist of CSC-Biliran Field Office revealed.

Tolosa informed that qualified examinees can take the CSC professional and sub-professional career examinations through ComEx only after a lapse of three months period after taking the paper and pencil examinations.

However, an examinee cannot take the ComEx if he will take different levels of career examinations like from sub-professional to professional examination, Tolosa said. It should be from sub-professional exams to sub-professional or from professional to professional in the pencil and paper test and ComEx, respectively.

The CSC official added that the CSC central office has yet to issue the final guidelines in the conduct of ComEx in the CSC regional office before its implementation in November, this year.

He further said that ComEx has replaced the modified walk-in examination (MOWE) which was stopped by the commission in 2004, also a computer-assisted type of examination in taking the CSC professional and sub-professional career examinations. (PIA-8 Biliran)

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