By: Rodrigo S. Victoria

NAVAL, Biliran – The provincial officer of the Rural Micro Enterprise Promotion Program (RuMEPP) here in Biliran province revealed that the International Fund for Agriculture and Development (IFAD) mission will visit identified Rural Micro Enterprise Promotion Program (RuMEPP) assisted projects in the province next week.

Ronelo G. Jamin, RuMEPP provincial officer of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)in Biliran province, informed that the IFAD supervision and implementation support mission for RuMEPP will visit two RuMEPP assisted projects in Biliran province on October 29.

Jamin said that the two RuMEPP assisted projects in Biliran province that will be visited by the IFAD mission are the Naval Suman Makers Association (NASUMA) in Naval town and the Samahang Pangkabuhayan sa River Side Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SAPARI MPC) in Almeria town.

“The IFAD mission will look into the developments of the program implementation” Jamin informed, saying they will also include assessment of the status of compliance to last year’s agreed actions.

Part of the visit will be a meeting and in-depth consultations with the officers and members of NASUMA and SAPARI MPC, business development providers and other stakeholders, he said

Jamin added that the IFAD mission will also look into the updated financial and liquidation reports for the current year, updated physical and financial database, updated profiles of beneficiaries and the current accomplishment report on physical targets and time frame indicators.

The RuMEPP provincial officer said that the IFAD mission encouraged them to showcase implementation milestones; effective strategies on how operational issues were addressed; and model micro-enterprise beneficiaries who have developed their enterprise through RuMEPP interventions.

He also said that proposed measures on how to ensure the sustainability of the gains achieved by the program will also be shared during the discussions since RuMEPP will be completed by December this year and will be officially closed on June 2014. (PIA-8 Biliran)

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