First Posted 07:45:00 11/14/2013

Biliran Province is declared under state of calamity due to the huge devastation caused by typhoon Yolanda effective November 11, 2013 per Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution Number 60.


The eight municipalities of the province suffered destruction in agriculture, infrastructure including school buildings and electric installations, and all means of livelihood.

Meanwhile, 10, 894 is the reported total number of families affected with 54, 284 persons. There are also 3, 097 houses totally damaged and 7, 544 houses partially destroyed.

In the Province of Biliran, typhoon Yolanda injured 27 persons and claimed four lives. The total cost of damage caused by the typhoon reached PhP 64, 193, 600 in the entire province.

Moreover, the communication signal was lost and there is no power supply that adds to the Biliranons inconvenience. Until today, there is still no bank transactions and money remittances, and gasoline stations were in the midst of losing supply.Business establishments and agencies were waiting for the telephone and mobile phone signal to be restored. Although not as badly affected as the residents of Tacloban and Palo, the people of Biliran also need all means of assistance in order to survive the effects of the calamity.


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