First Posted 13:08:00 11/14/2013

In a text message to, Rep. Espina did not deny that he opposed the appointment of Genson as OIC President. However he pointed out that his opposition is based on the issues pointed out by the evaluation Committee, such as the unresolved issues on the opening of the Tacloban Campus and the issues on the Maritime and Engineering courses.


It has to be remebered that last October, an Evaluation Committee, headed by former U.P. President Emerlinda Roman and VSU President JOse Bacusmo came to NSU to evaluate Mrs. Genson’s performance as President. They interviewed faculty, employees, students, and alumni. Rep. Espina said that he asked for the written report of the committee, but he was not given a copy as it is confidential.

Rep. Espina further pointed oout that the students and parents were short changed due to the abolition of the Bachelor of Science degrees in Maritime. Enrolees in these courses can only avail of Associate degress and not the supposed of B. S. degrees Rep. Espina further stated that “9 years she handled the institution as NIT and NSU President, but unfortunately na abolish pa ang BS courses sa Maritime Trasportation at Engineering. Kaya nga NAVAL ang pinaglaban na name natin dyan. ” It is noteworthy that the “Naval: in the Naval State University is pronounced as “Ney-vahl”. in reference to the flagship program of the University which is Maritime, pertaining to the Navy.

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