By Rachelle Cuesta Raganit
First Posted 12:00:00 05/01/2014

Photo by Kyris Icain

Summer is in the air. With the brightest heat of the sun, wonderful blue sky and raging good vibes the Biliranisland team could definitely tell everybody the summer power. That was April 26 in the morning when everyone got busy preparing the things for the outing and guess where? It’s the famous island of no return, Maripipi. Riding in motorcycles and four wheels, we started our trip to Kawayan since the team decided to go there via Kawayan. It took us 30 minutes before we arrive at the municipality. The pump boat was already waiting for us while we get ready ourselves and we’re all bound for the island.

Kawayan Town. Photo by Jalmz
Kawayan Port. Photo by Jalmz
Kawayan Port. Photo by Jalmz
Kawayan Port. Photo by Jalmz
Kawayan Port. Photo by Jalmz

Along our travel, we’ve been accompanied excitement and happiness. With regards to the pump boat, it costs P2, 000.00 for small one having a capacity of 20 persons above while the smaller one with 15 persons in capacity costs P1, 100.00. It is a better choice and a cheaper one than the route from Naval to Maripipi because you’ll have to pay P50.00 for the motorcycles going to Napo. The aforementioned travelling cost of the pump boat has a fixed route from Kawayan to Napo Beach Resort.

Photo by Jalmz
Photo by Jalmz
A view of Mt. Panamao from Turtle Island. Photo by Jalmz
A view of Mt. Panamao from Turtle Island. Photo by Jalmz

We left at 7am quarter to 8am and by 9 o’clock we stepped at the beautiful resort of Napo. It was not the first time of the team on the place so we’re familiar with the surroundings. The owner of the resort Mrs. Robert welcomed us very well and introduced everyone to their dwelling place. The team stayed at the resort where we spent our summer fun. Napo Beach Resort if you don’t know is one of the tourist destinations of Maripipi. The place is known for its diverse and nature-surrounded view. It has cool and relaxing atmosphere together with summer cold breeze. You can also witness the lovely sunset. In terms of their accommodation, they have comfortable air-conditioned rooms and a little restobar where you can have your sing along. Their nice and well built cottages will also catch your attention and tempt you to stay or take your nap there.

Napo Beach Resort, Maripipi Island, Biliran Island, Philippines. Photo by Jalmz
Napo Beach Resort, Maripipi Island, Biliran Island, Philippines. Photo by Jalmz
Photo by Jalmz
Photo by Jalmz

After exploring the resort, we go to our rooms to set our things. The click of the cameras was overheard with matching pose, different, cute and wacky poses. It is one remembrance for the 2014 summer. We didn’t notice the time that it’s already 12nn which pushed us to fill our stomach with pancit Bihon and grilled pork for lunch. And now everybody is resting. Few moments later, the team agreed to have a videoke. That’s the time, they sing, sing and sing. Staff. Photo by Jalmz Staff. Photo by Jalmz


We also got the chance to discover other tourist spots which is the Candol Beach Resort. The white sand beach resort is one of the best beaches you must try this summer. It has a unique view which made its entirety awesome. You can swim in its clear blue waters and feel the fine white sand underneath. From Napo, you will reach Candol through a 10-15 minutes’ walk. It is suitable to all who wants to spend a memorable summer vacation.




Candol Beach, Maripipi, Biliran Island, Philippines. Photo by Jalmz
Candol Beach, Maripipi, Biliran Island, Philippines. Photo by Jalmz
Candol Beach, Maripipi Biliran Island
Candol Beach, Maripipi Biliran Island

We spent our time swimming and chatting. Others took pictures on the captivating look of the beach. At nearly 6pm, we made our way back to Napo. The first day for us was far better plus the momentous happenings during the night. We ate our sumptuous dinner with lechong baboy and turkey on the table. We were all satisfied and stomach full. Then the party has just started. They all groove with the music having so much fun. The time wasn’t noticed due to the stories being told by each one and the laughters they have shared. The party was only over at 2am in the morning. Even though, there is absence of light the party still continues. The electric power of the island starts at 12nn until 12am only, that is one burden for them but them some people there have generators.


We woke up in the morning with smile on our faces. The sunrise was pleasant, somewhat giving us another hint to go for another adventure. After finishing our breakfast, we didn’t waste time and we go to Viga Spring. We walked 15 minutes going there. Viga spring is the source of water of the people of the barangay. It is subdivided into tree; the drinking water, Bathing water and the Clothes washing water. At first glance, you may say it’s an ordinary one but upon dipping yourself into the water you could say it’s extreme. The spring water was cold enough to make you chill and tremble. It is very much soothing and refreshing and could take away stress, absolutely. That was our last destination, we went back to Napo and we tried swimming in the crystal-like water of the sea. The pristine island is a good pick for this summer.

Viga Cold Spring, Maripipi, Biliran
Viga Cold Spring, Maripipi, Biliran. Photo by Jalmz



Napo Beach Resort. Photo by Jalmz
Napo Beach Resort. Photo by Jalmz Staff Staff


The team used to packed up the things and get ready for leaving. Before we left, we first eat our lunch which is fresh fish, fried and grilled. Topped with lechon paksiw we are then finished eating. Although we have tired bodies yet we have happy and contented heart. This summer is worthwhile. We left the island bearing in mind that it’s not the first but not also the last. We are very much thankful to the people who made this summer outing a possible one.





Napo Beach Resort
Maripipi, Biliran Island, Philippines
Note: For booking it is important to text or phone Miss Bheng Diño at +639 068 629 888, +639 212 125 164
Email: admin (at)

– Rachelle Cuesta Raganit,


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