By: Rodrigo S. Victoria

NAVAL, Biliran – A simple yet sincere smile is the only gesture of gratitude that can be gleaned from the 50 kids, aged six years old, who received some of the basic school supplies they need in their schooling in Grade 1.

Some members of BCBP-Naval chapter and the Grade 1 pupils of NCS pose for posterity inside the NCS conference hall, June 3, 2014
Some members of BCBP-Naval chapter and the Grade 1 pupils of NCS pose for posterity inside the NCS conference hall, June 3, 2014

These 50 identified Grade 1 pupils of Naval Central School were chosen by their teachers because of the financial inability of the parents to provide their basic school needs like a decent bag, some notebooks and other school supplies in time for the opening of classes on June 2.

Their predicament was immediately answered during the second day of classes on Tuesday, June 3, after the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP)-Naval chapter answered their primary needs through its “Adopt A Pupil Project”.

The Adopt A Pupil Project of BCBP-Naval is one of the basic social services that the charismatic group wanted to share with the community.

For Noel Pla, BCBP-Naval chapter head who was just installed in February this year, sharing and helping people especially the underprivileged and disadvantaged group in the community, will really make God happy.

Pla and the rest of the members of the BCBP-Naval chapter envisioned to provide the identified kids safety nets for the future of their primary education through the provision of their basic needs like notebooks, papers, pencils, crayons and other school supplies needed in their schooling up to the time they will graduate from Grade 6.

This educational project of BCBP-Naval chapter pierced the heart of Tessie Bornillo, mother of Jessel, one of the recipients of the BCBP project as she candidly told how big is the contribution of the project for the sustainability in the schooling of her daughter in the elementary grade.

“Dako kaayo ang tabang niini kanako” (this is a big help to me) Tessie, 43 years old and who is also a mother of six children, said.

Tessie’s predicament in sending her kid to school was also shared by Danilo Sabucohan, 45 yearsl old and the father of John Denver, also a recipient of the BCBP project, who personally witnessed the distribution of the various school supplies held at the Naval Central School conference hall.

Danilo gladly told “pwerting dakoa ug iban ani sa akong inadlaw-adlaw nga panggastos” (this is really a big cut in my daily expenses).

Danny who earned a living through a rented sikad-sikad (pedicab) used to spend P10 a day for the school supply needs of just one child in the elementary grade.

Rays of hope for the future in achieving and finishing later the arduous six years in the elementary grade of the identified little angels from NCS was given more nurturing with the motherly advice from no less than the supervisor of the Naval North district, Ms. Charita Bernardes, a member also of BCBP-Naval chapter, who touched the tender minds of the recipients in the proper care of their school supplies in order to last long.

Bernardes likewise reminded the parents to do their shared responsibility as able partner for the sustainability of the project within the six years period.

Beginning today, these 50 little angels from NCS with their new backpack bag with notebooks, pencils and other school supplies inside carried in their back in reporting to their classes everyday; paints a picture of a bright future to come, a future full of promise and hope. (rvictoria/PIA 8 Biliran)


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  1. This Adopt-a-Child Project is a laudable project of the BCBP – Naval Chapter. I wish and pray that this will be coupled with feeding program at least twice a week until these kids graduate Grade VI.


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