by: Mary Lailani Pitao-Tupaz

NAVAL, Biliran (PIA) – The Special Science Classes (SSC) remains to be one of the programs of the Naval School of Fisheries (NSF) in Naval, Biliran and will continue at the NSF campus contrary to reports that it will be transferred to another high school campus.

Fernando Zamora, SSC coordinator, clarified yesterday during the Kapihan at Pulong-Pulong ng Bayan over Radyo Natin-Naval hosted by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), Biliran Provincial Information Center that no memorandum or any other orders from the Department of Education (DepEd) central office has ever been issued to suffice reports transferring the SSC to another school. Thus, SSC will remain at the NSF campus unless otherwise mandated by law.

Zamora assured that if ever DepEd central office decides to transfer the SSC to other academic school, students currently enrolled at the SSC-NSF campus will finish the program in the same school and will not be transferred to the new school.

Now on its fifth year of existence, the SSC coordinator wanted to clarify the issue of the SSC transfer for fear of possible failure of the program this time as a number of parents opted to enroll their students in other schools this school year instead of enrolling at the SSC NSF campus.

As of yesterday, enrollees at the SSC were only at 37 which is far from their target enrollment of 80 to make two sections, according to Zamora.

Since Rosario Canlas, DepEd, Division of Biliran Science Coordinator, clarified in a recent meeting with NSF faculty and staff that their is no orders from DepEd central office transferring the SSC program to other academic school.

Zamora informed the general public that they are still accepting enrollees and urged parents to enroll their children at the SSC.

The SSC is a subsidized educational program in the secondary school that aims at helping students with high potentials and inclinations in both mathematics and science to better prepare them in their preferred courses in college.

Qualified to enroll at the SSC are students whose general average ranges from 85% and above, must have passed the interview and qualifying examination, and must belong to the top 80% qualifiers. # (PIA 8 Biliran)


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