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Do you think the 40-meter No-Build zone from the shoreline should be implemented in Biliran Island? In our time, typhoons have become stronger. Last year Yolanda struck us, and now the Super Typhoon Neoguri (Florita) is threatening Japan.


If the 40 meters no build zone will be implemented in Biliran, thousands of Biliranons living along the coastal barangays will be rendered homeless. A 40-meters no build zone marker is shown in Brgy. Santo Niño, Naval.

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Comments from Biliran Island Facebook Fan Page

Dave Hughes: No …… many people including myself already have spent allot of money building a family home on the water or on the shoreline. What needs to be done is simple. EVERY shoreline Brgy needs to have 1 solid cement building with solar power and rain water tanks that will shelter all persons living in areas that will be affected by the typhoon, The Mayor then needs to ensure all person are evacuated to the safe house many hours before the storm hits the Island.

Nibie Rosendal: For the sake of safetiness, YES!!
But let us also consider those family who already lived near shorelines from their existence. It would probably hard for them. Their livelihood as well. Whats appropriate here i think is an intensified info and alertness campaign from the LGUs on what to do if this deadly catastrophies happened.

SP Charlie Chan: If you look at the Map of Biliran it is basically surrounded by Samar and Leyte

Im referring to the possibility of storm surge that is very slim to happen here so im not sure whether that 40 meters would really be necessary

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  1. Yes for their safety but before that government should relocate those people not leaving them homeless.

  2. too stupid for words. Rather than deal with damage and dislocation that might be done by a storm surge to some people – maybe never (when did one ever happen apart from Yolanda?) why dislocate everybody who lives on the coast and destroy their lives now!? Think about it – where would the money come to relocate thousands of homes when theres not enough to maintain or build even basic infrastructure like roads. Someone is dreaming a drug induced dream if they think this will ever happen. PS nobody else anywhere in the world has done this to a coastal people – not even in Japan where they get Tsunamis regularly. #getrealpeople

  3. Bay areas are not too susceptible compared to open sea areas. Instead, worry more about, where did all the donated money and materials go from Yolanda???????? The Philippines was asked for aid, they got it, now what???

  4. Get real people!

    If the 40 meter build zone would be implemented a lot of the Biliranons would be homeless. Think about how much a sack of cement costs in Biliran. I know the officials are just concerned with the people (that’s a given). But when this is implemented where would they build their houses? Would the government give them land for free? The money to build a new sturdy house? If not, then make another solution. Its easy to say it but hell its impossible to implement.

    To the officials of Biliran: You were elected to serve the people and to make sure that no one would be looked out for. Please discern for a new solution that would benefit the mass.

    • I agree with the person above, every brngy needs to have a school of reinforced concrete with good building codes to house those in each brngy during these times of peril. its crazy to outlaw the areas along the coast,every country has homes and business along coast. or give 1 million peso to each of the 100,000 people who will be displaced and offer them their choice of land where they like.

  5. I agree with what Mr. Chan mentioned above. The possibility of a great storm surge in Biliran is not likely, not saying it couldn’t happen just the chances are slim. Something the local government should think about is implementing some type of no build zone for all new construction permits, 40-meters seems a little extreme. All existing homes/businesses would be grandfathered and not be effected by the new construction requirements. Another option would be natural looking seawalls built with natural materials from Biliran. There is an abundant supply of large rocks in Biliran…just some thoughts.



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