Filtech Energy Drilling Corporation (FEDCO)

A spectacular 10 MW well with neutral and benign fluids has been tested in Biliran Geothermal Field, the first commercial well drilled in an exploration area for more than a decade, since the hectic days of geothermal development in the Philippines. BN6 was the third well drilled in the Island of Biliran by Biliran Geothermal Inc. (BGI), a consortium of FEDCO, a local geothermal energy developer and international geothermal consulting firm, and Orka Energy of Iceland. This well has basically confirmed the existence of a geothermal resource in the island although a prolonged testing is yet to be completed. While the first two wells drilled by the consortium have proven to be similarly productive, with temperatures in the range of 280-340C, wellbore problems have delayed their output testing. All these wells encountered good permeability exceeding average indices of commercial wells in the Philippines.

BGI planned to commission the first unit with a 50 MW capacity by 2016 to be followed by another 50 MW thereafter. To mitigate the drilling and geological risks, a drilling technology that employs underbalance drilling was adopted and proven to be successful in managing the quality of fluids. It also ensures that damage to formations is minimized allowing formation permeability to be preserved. The technical aspects of the operations in the project was handled by a composite of experts from Iceland, New Zealand and the Philippines which are composed primarily of FEDCO personnel.

Biliran Geothermal Field counts as one of the major geothermal fields in the world where FEDCO services have been rendered and adds another milestone in its exemplary success rate in geothermal exploration. FEDCO has been involved in El Salvador, Iran, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand, Kenya, Taiwan, Indonesia and in most exploration areas in the Philippines. The exploration phase including the resource assessment of the field was handled by FEDCO from 2008-2009 which covered geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys.



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