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First Posted 18:00:00 12/05/2014
Last Updated 1:30:00 12/06/2014

3:30 PM Dec. 6, 2014

#Hagupit #RubyPH BREAKING: Whole area coverage of Biliran Electric Cooperative (BILECO) are now experiencing total power outage at around 3:22pm. due to adverse winds brought about by typhoon #RubyPH.

7:30 AM Dec. 6, 2014

Power Advisory: Some parts of Kawayan (Tabunan North-Mapuyo) experienced a power outage early this morning due to fallen coconut tree in Brgy. Tabunan cutting the power of phase Charlie of the backbone line.

Some parts of Feeder 2 (Culaba to Villa Cornejo, Kawayan) experienced a power outage due to sustained line fault.

Restoration activity will commence this morning. – BILECO

As of 7:00 AM Dec 6, 2014, Cabucgayan has 1,894 total number of families evacuated . Total number of individuals – 7,612. …..mdrrmo rbpascual

As of 6 pm, Dec. 5, the evacuees in identified evacuation centers in Almeria included 442 families, composed of 1767 persons – males 753, females 777. PWDs – males 8, females 12; senior citizens – males 69, females 76, lactating mothers 54, pregnant mothres 18. From: DSWD officer Rizalina Gonzales.

In Biliran town, evacuees as of 12 nn, Dec. 5. Bato – 41 hh, 200 prsns
bh, dcc, big houses; Burabod – 52 hh, 398 persons – Mormons, schl; Busali – 5 hh, 20 prsns.
fecarb (brgy busali); Villa Enage, 8 hh, 21 prsns, sch, bh, dcc, concrete houses.

8:57 PM Dec. 5, 2014

In the initial relief goods operation of LGU Kawayan, almost 1195 individuals were given relief goods. The relief goods were distributed among respective evacuation centers of barangays Inasuyan, San Lorenzo, Tucdao, Ungale, Madao, Villacornejo,Mapuyo, Buyo, Masagonsong and Tabunan. Mayor Rudy Espina said that more relief goods to be distributed tomorrow. -RTA 

Photo by Randy Borja
Photo by Randy Borja

8:17 PM Dec. 5, 2014

With the partial report released by the MDRRMC as of 4pm today, approximately
405 individuals were evacuated in the municipality of Maripipi coming from its coastal barangays.

7:12 PM Dec. 5, 2014

According to Culaba Mayor Revildez, around 2168 individuals or 700 families evacuated as per pre-emptive evacuation order of the LGU. Evacuees were housed at the different elementary schools and church.

 Photo by Sheryll Borromeo
Photo by Sheryll Borromeo

Meanwhile, Mayor Reveldez said that the problem they encountered was the high number of evacuees. “The food packs that we prepare is only more or less 600 pax. (During) Typhoon Yolanda, we only have around 189 families”, he stressed.



68 Families are already evacuated in Tucdao Elem. School, Tucdao, Kawayan. Randy Borja,


Based on the latest data of Naval MDRRMC, total of 1252 individuals or 230 families evacuated at the Naval State University (NSU) gymnasium, mostly coming from coastal barangays of the municipality of Naval. According to the in-charge of the evacuation center, it (center) was closed around 3pm for it has reach the 1200 pax capacity of the gym.

Local disaster team will distribute food packs for dinner to the evacuees.

According to Naval MDRRMC, it has recorded approximately 100 families or 496 individuals evacuated at the municipal hall, as of 5:20pm today.



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