Pipila nalang ka adlaw Pasko na. Pero si lola ug ang iyang misay nga alaga nagsuho kay ang ilang balay usa sa mga naguba sa storm surge sa Bool, Culaba.

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First Posted 20:15:00 12/10/2014
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Pipila nalang ka adlaw Pasko na. Pero si lola ug ang iyang misay nga alaga nagsuho kay ang ilang balay usa sa mga naguba sa storm surge sa Bool, Culaba.
Pipila nalang ka adlaw Pasko na. Pero si lola ug ang iyang misay nga alaga nagsuho kay ang ilang balay usa sa mga naguba sa storm surge sa Acaban, Culaba.

I. Time and Date of Occurrence: December 5, 2014

II. Brief Description of the Disaster:

Biliran Island is one of the identified 44 provinces under alert level 3 of tropical storm Ruby, the eight municipalities of the province of had been identified by Project Noah at Risk of storm surge / flood and landslide, hence, all families living in the coastal areas were advise / forced to evacuate / disaster pre-emptive evacuation.

Placing the province under signal number 3 has experienced strong winds and a heavy rain has affected the lives and properties of the constituents.

III. Magnitude and Disaster:

 A. Areas Affected. 132 Brgy’s covering the eight municipalities of Biliran Province.

B. Number of families and individuals who evacuated per iniital report submitted as of Dec. 6, 2014 at 2:00 pm to December 7, at 8:00 A.M. However, as of Dec. 7, 2014 in the morning they return home. They were as follows:

[table colalign=”left|center|center|center|center”]
Name of Municipality,Number of Families,Number of Persons,Number of Evacuation Center
Biliran, 1681, 6755, 22
Maripipi, 1011, 3713,43
Almeria, 594, 2440, 43
Caibiran, 1059, 4294,41
Culaba, 1892, 9424, 15
Kawayan, 3266, 12822, 23
Cabucgayan, 3068, 11085, 44
TOTAL, 13392, 54107, 384

C.  Total Population Affected

A. Casualties – 1 – (Culaba)

1. Ridmoro Baylon 60 yrs. old by Brgy. Bool Central

B. Damaged Houses

[table caption=”DAMAGED HOUSES” colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|center|center”]
Biliran, 47, 20
Kawayan, 1467, 159
Culaba, 935, 91
Almeria, 497, 56
Caibiran, 1498, 121
Cabucgayan, 1108, 85
Naval, 2659, 178
Maripipi, 830, 37
TOTAL, 9041, 747

C. Damaged to infrastructure,  fishery and Agriculture

[table caption=”COST OF DAMAGE” colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|center|center”]
MUNICIPALITY, Infrastructure,Crops/Fishery/Livestock
Almeria, 3900000.00, 548000.00
Maripipi, 9152500.00, 352500.00
Cabucgayan, 185000.00, 3900.00
Caibiran, , 3716500.00
Culaba,, 714300.00
Kawayan, ,664000.00
TOTAL, 12237500.00, 12796300.00

D. Damaged to National/Prov’l Infrastructure and Prov’l Electrical

– Damages to DPWH Infrastructure (Roads & others)  –         23, 500, 000.00
– Damages to Biliran Electric Cooperative –                           5,143,408.97
– NFA (Building & Stocks ) –                                                   887,500.00
– Biliran Prov’l Hospital –                                                        1,987,300.00

                                                                                                     Total      29,530,908.97

E. Total Evacuated

Families – 13, 392

Person – 54, 107

F.  Person Value of damage to properties to by category such as crops, livestock / fisheries and private properties, and others

Houses – P 74, 492,000.00


Crops – 7,962,800.00
Fisheries – 581,000.00
Livestock – 140,000.00

IV.   Problems

1. Limited supply of food commodities of the LGU’s either at commercial establishment especially the canned goods.

2. Lack of commodities to last during disaster operation period / emergency relief and rehabilitation phase.

3. Congested evacuation center.

4. The cost of damaged of houses is estimated at 7,000.00 ( per family) for partially and 15,000.00 (per family) for totally (initial/partial report) which totalled to P 74,492,000.00

V. Recommendations / Comments:

1. The houses damaged from Yolanda was aggravated in typhoon Ruby hence the need for shelter assistance especially those residing at the No build Zone / coastal areas.

2. Rapid assesment conducted within 70 hours from occurence of disaster to enable humanitarian agencies (NGO) as protocol in responding to communities/victims.

3. Coordination of disaster serving agencies is deemed necessary like PNRC, and DSWD, NFA, IOM & other NGO’s to augment our limited resources.

4. DSWD national office/region 08 has provided the province /LGU’s immediate food requirements of the victims, like rice, however, there was inadequate canned goods provided may be due to lack of available stocks.

Prepared by

Flordeliza G. Trani

Prov’l Social Welfare and Dev’t Officer

Chairperson Relief and Rehab Committee

Noted by

Sofronio Dacillo


Approved by:

Gerardo J. Espina



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