First Posted 10:30:00 01/16/2015
Last Updated 10:45:00 01/18/2015

Just Signal No. 1 now in Biliran.

10:00  AM 1/18/2015.  BILECO has successfully restored power in the Municipality of Naval and neighboring towns. Good job!

9:00  AM 1/18/2015.  

No reported damage on our National Roads and Bridges due to Typhoon Amang. – Engr. Bolido, DPWH Biliran

#AmangPH #Mekkhala According to BILECO OIC GM Engr. Gerardo Oledan, power outage in the Municipality of Naval is due to the toppled electrical post located at Brgy. Catmon. BILECO personnel are already mobilized and exerting extra efforts to restore electricity in the six towns of the Province. It is estimated that power supply will be restored within the day January 18, 2015.

As of today only the towns of Cabucgayan and Biliran had electricity.

Globe signal unstable in Naval.

7:35 PM 1/17/2015. #AmangPh #Mekkhala shuts down Bileco power in Biliran.

05:40 PM PHT 1/17/2015: BILECO Power Advisory:
Several parts of the coverage area already experienced outages due to adverse weather. Any time this evening, BILECO will shutdown its substation if intense weather continues.

Heavy rains and strong winds are almost felt by Biliranons due to TS #AmangPH. #BiliranIsland is under public storm signal no. 2.


05:55 PM PHT 1/17/2015:  JUST IN: So far, no yet unpassable road section reported according to Engr. Alfredo Bolido of DPWH Biliran.

05:00 PM PHT 1/17/2015: Power supply and telecommunication services are still up in Naval.

04:00 PM PHT 1/17/2015: #AmangPH made landfall at 3PM over Dolores, Samar. Now approaching Bicol (Masbate) area.

02:30 PM PHT 1/17/2015:

POWER UPDATE: No power supply in the island municipality of Maripipi.

01:18 PM PHT 1/17/2015:

POWER UPDATE: Some parts of Almeria are experiencing power outage.#AmangPH #BiliranIsland

12:35 PM PHT 1/17/2015:

POWER UPDATE: Due to TS #AmangPH, some parts of Biliran, Kawayan and Caibiran are experiencing power outage.

JUST IN: Globe subscribers in Caibiran are experiencing signal interruptions. – RTA

9:35 AM PHT 1/17/2015:

BILECO Power Update: The SOP is the same with the previous typhoon. In the event that rain and wind intensifies that our distribution line cannot withstand, the substation will be shutdown for safety purposes. As of now, there’s no advice from the substation of any major outage in the area coverage and in the transmission line.

10:30 AM PHT 1/16/2015:

JUST IN: Due to TD Amang, all types of sea transportation in the provice are not permitted to sail starting today as per issuance of PCG Sub-station Naval.

BUSINESS AS USUAL. Normal as it goes the daily lives of Biliranons even there is already another threat from TD Amang. No panic buying yet and the weather is still fine.

8:41 AM PHT 1/16/2015:

Mayor Dominador Agahan of Almeria has suspended classes for elementary and daycare/kindergarten levels due to Signal No. 1 for “Amang”

Roble Shipping Advisory: As of 7am dated Jan. 16, 2015. Cancelled Trips bound Cebu- vice versa for Hilongos, Ormoc, Baybay, Naval and Catbalogan
due to TS Amang 575 km east of Borongan city, Eastern Samar. PSW# 1, Samar, Biliran, Leyte.



Latest update of Tropical Storm Amang

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