Photos by Dwight Anthony Tan Inchoco and Emmanuel Barot
First Posted 22:00:00 02/13/2015

 Ginoo at Binibining  Sekundarya 2015 Winners

Ginoo at Binibining  Sekundarya 2015

Ronn Lennard Robenta and Benjielyn Macawile

1st runner up: Rhejayne Meeka
Jake E. Malazarte

2nd runner up: Marianne Lourdez
Jessie Cerrera

Special Awards:

Best in Formal Attire:  # 6 Malazarte Jake

Best in Evening Gown: # 4 Benjalin Macawile

Best in Production Number: # 3 Napala, Ronn Lennard and # 4 Benjalin Macawile

Best in School Uniform:  # 3 Napala, Ronn Lennard and  # 1 Marianne Lourdez Abenoja


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