1. Naval is known for its abundant water supply, boasting of pools with flowing water, but how come we only have water starting from 1:00am and only up to 4am?!

2. We barely have water supply and whatever we have gathered in those hours where we have water, we try to save as much as possible, but our water bill is even increasing.

3. Water is life but the agency tasked to see to it that supply goes to its consumers does nothing to address this problem. No, it hasnt been like this prior to first week of April when all of a sudden water supply was disrupted because of some ongoing works in some upper barangays. There was a promise to restore the supply. Restore they did but at such unholy hour of 1:00am till 4:00am. Don’t they know we need to sleep?!

Others similarly situated, should you just keep your silence and accept as if nothing can be done anymore by the NWD management?!

– Atty. Edna Pitao-honor


  1. I totally agree with this comment. My parents are both senior citizens now. I understand seniors may only need few hours of sleep than the youth but I’m pretty sure they want to be in bed sometime past midnight. This situation is causing stress to my parents, an unnecessarily stress I would say.

    Please do something to improve the situation. If you have done something, I would say you just haven’t done enough. And, I hope the solution doesn’t get branded as “implemented through the efforts of …..” with names on it because the efforts you put into it is the effort expected of you by the people who provided the government money to pay you.


  2. no comments…all we could say and noticed:
    asian countries poor maintenances in all dwellings such
    water systems.. transportations,, ects.. and in all means not awares of
    all be happy and most safe and sounds mass must,, people should always
    be satisfied without the public none government exist…copy abroads style
    in all means this time asians country would be more reachable and fun for

  3. yes ,,, we have so many fresh water supply in Naval,,, but I think the problem was,,, the planning and programming of our local utilities… every now and then,, the increasing population in our town will be the determining factor for the proper expansion of the water system… why we are getting supply from far springs??? we have the caraycaray river for the southern part of naval and the anas river for the northern part.. treatment technologies are available even if our local utilities do not have the capital to invest,, there are companies that willing to do BOT or BOOM (Build Operate & Transfer or Build Own Operate & Maintain)… and to our local government of Naval & Biliran province you can contribute also, LET’S PUT IT THIS WAY,,, FORGET ABOUT POLITICS, PLAN FOR THE NEXT GENERATION….

    Atty Edna,, if you need me for technical concerns, I am very much willing to support you,,,


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