Naval, Biliran – Biliran Governor Gerry Boy Espina hands over 30 motorized banca to fishermen from Naval and Kawayan towns today, June 25. Funded by BFAR, the distribution of 30 units was an initial release from the 212 motorized banca under the Aquafarm Rehabilitation and Development Program. The 182 units are to be distributed in the coming weeks as beneficiaries were already identified.

The boats are made of fiberglass and fitted with 7.5HP engine, and delivered in running condition to the beneficiaries. The fishermen were glad to receive the units, as the boats can help them recover their fishing livelihood from the ravages of Typhoon Yolanda.


Gov. Gerry Boy Espina meets the beneficiaries of the fiberglass motorized banca under the provincial government’s aquafarm rehabilitation program funded by BFAR, June 25. The 30 units comprise the initial distribution from the 212 motorized bancas intended for fishermen provincewide.


Beneficiaries of the 30 fiberglass motorized bancas inspect the units awarded to them during the distribution ceremony led by Gov. Gerry Boy Espina, June 25. BFAR funded 212 of these motorized bancas for the provincial government’s aquafarm rehabilitation program.


Fishermen unpacks brand new 7.5HP engines for fitting to the 30 fiberglass motorized bancas distributed by Gov. Gerry Boy Espina today, June 30. A total of 212 units will be awarded to fishermen around the province under the aquafarm rehabilitation program of the provincial government funded by BFAR.

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