by: Rodrigo S. Victoria

NAVAL, Biliran – The provincial blood program coordinator in the province of Biliran called on the officials of local government units (LGUs) in the province of Biliran to give their full support in the blood donation program.

In an organizational meeting and orientation and reorientation of the Biliran provincial blood council held recently, Von Wendel Ampong, provincial blood coordinator in Biliran province, strongly called the support of the eight municipal mayors and the 132 barangay captains in the drive to reach the blood donation target in the entire province in 2015.

Ampong revealed that the total target of the province of Biliran for 2015 is 1,739 bags of blood which represents one percent of the total population of the province.

“So far, we have more or less 600 bags stock of donated blood at present out of the blood letting activities conducted in several LGUs in the province”Ampong admitted.

He said that the province has not achieved the expected number of bags based on the one percent population of the province in 2014.

Ampong added that the low turn-out of blood donors in previous years maybe attributed to lack of incentives given to potential blood donors in the community.

This year, he expected to have more blood donors who are willing to donate blood during blood letting activities to be conducted in the community with the help of LGUs now giving some incentives to blood donors.

Ampong further emphasized that donating blood has health benefits as well as it helps a lot to patient who is in need of blood.

Meanwhile, the Biliran provincial blood council was revitalized recently with the infusion of more members coming from the community like from the private groups to get the support in the blood donation program of the provincial government. # (fj/PIA8 Biliran)


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