First Posted 13:52:00 07/04/2015

Nicanor Perol Datuin, 42 years old farmer from Barangay Binohangan, Caibiran, Biliran has been arrested for possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.

The Caibiran Police Station responded to an anonymous text message that a certain Nicanor Datuin was creating trouble at Sitio Gindulangan, Binohangan, Biliran. The suspect was holding his firearm in plain view, while sitting on a bench.

The police team immediately confiscated the firearm and brought the suspect to the station for questioning.

Initial investigation revealed that the firearm, a cal. 38 revolver with defaced serial number, was loaded with five unfired cartridges.

Datuin failed to present any document that shows he has a permit to own a firearm and carry it outside the residence.

The suspect is booked and arrested for one count of illegal possession of firearm. The firearm is now under the custody of the Caibiran Police Station. The case is still under investigation.

There were no reported casualties and damage to property during the incident.


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