First Posted 19:00:00 07/17/2015

Biliran Lover found dead. a third in 3 weeks

The boy, a 17 year old Filipino named Alvin Palma Besoyo, a resident of Sitio Basud Brgy. Poblacion, Almeria, Biliran was found dead at her lover’s house situated at Sitio Mahayahay, Brgy. Pulangbato, Almeria Biliran on the twelfth of July 2015.


Rosana Mariveles, found her lover dead, hanging with a rope around his neck, to what initially appeared to be a suicide; the third male suicide in three weeks in Biliran Province.

Ms. Mariveles her live in partner, narrated that they were visiting her family when that happened. As per police report, she took a nap for less than an hour in the “sala” when she found Alvin hanging with a rope on his neck at around 3:30 in the afternoon at her room. She then screamed for help and together with neighbors brought Besoyo to the hospital in an attempt to revive him. The attending physician pronounced him dead on arrival (DOA) resulting from Asphyxia secondary to strangulation. The police investigation headed by PSI Nonito G. Zuasula listed the nature of incident as suicide by intent.

Besoyo’s family and friends have denied that he died by suicide , they are claiming that a foul play may been a factor in the 17 year old’s death. He was not acting out of the ordinary in the days before he died.

We’re very suspicious and we’re very upset that this happened his mother declared. She wanted autopsy to be done but due to lack of funds, the idea was discarded. Allegedly Alvin’s toes’ was touching the ground when his body was discovered.

Adding to the belief that the death was not a suicide but murder. The family adapted the “pagtuka system” in their son’s wake hoping that the chick will eat away the murderer’s conscience and bring justice to their child. The case is still under police investigation to rule out foul play.


No one has given any indication whether Besoyo had enemies. Incidentally weeks before an eighteen year old male also committed suicide at the Brgy. Pulang Bato, Almeria, Biliran.


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