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Almeria, Biliran – For trying to disregard and evade the checkpoint set up by the Almeria police personnel, an incognito military man was arrested for violations of possession of illegal firearm and drugs.

A certain Leonides C. Mergildo, 39 years old,married and a resident of Barangay Canduhao, Maripipi, Biliran, was flagged down in a police checkpoint in Barangay Tabunan, Almeria at around 2:18 in the afternoon of August 14, 2015.

Photo courtesy of Almeria PNP

Based on the Almeria police report, when the policemen manning the checkpoint asked for his driver’s license, Mergildo introduced himself as a police officer and presented a CIDG ID but failed to present a genuine PNP ID.

Photo courtesy of Almeria PNP

The policemen spotted on his right pocket a handle of a gun while his upper garment was lift up when he was presenting his IDs.

Photo courtesy of Almeria PNP

The policemen discovered that the gun in possession of Mergildo was a Colt 45 model 1911 caliber pistol with magazine loaded with seven live ammunitions.


Mergildo was arrested and accorded with the Miranda rights, constitutional rights to be read by the apprehending police authority at the time of arrest of a suspected criminal.



Confiscated from Mergildo after the conduct of search were the following items: one unit painted black 9mm Ingram caliber pistol with magazine loaded with 13 live ammunitions, two pieces badge (PND bearing number 86280 and CIS bearing number 03651), three pieces of various PNP cards, two pieces ATM cards and one Palawan Suki card.

Biliran-Illegal-Drugs-15 Biliran-Illegal-Drugs-30


Other items seized from him were: one piece LTO professional driver’s license ,two units cellphone,,one piece army knife,one piece ligther,six pieces small sachet and two pieces big sachet of heat sealed plastic contained with crystaline substance suspected to be shabu, twenty pieces small empty plastic sachet and money amounted  P560.00 and one unit XRM motorcycle bearing plate no.TQ 5523 with CR and OR and key,and one piece firearm license card with control no.I-C092521 owned by Anthony H. Cabusor. He was brought by the team to this police station for documentation and proper disposition.


The members of the Almera police station led by PSI Nonito G. Zuasula who were responsible of the arrest of Mergildo were SPO1 Melrico P. Ebina, PO3 Orlando M. Saboy, PO2 Jacinto M. Gervacio, PO2 Marvyn P. Demate, PO1 Atilano M. Abrigo and PO1 John Clyde R. Cabilin.

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