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Update: Drug-related case against Ensoy, alleged drug lord in Naval, dismissed due to wrong address in the search warrant.

Naval, Biliran – The house of Lorenzo Plantar, Jr., aka Insoy, an alleged big time drug pusher based in Naval, the capital town of Biliran province, was raided early morning today, Thursday, September 17. (READ: Naval police files cases vs Plantar. et al in court)


The joint police elements of the police anti-drug special operation task force (PAIDSOTF) and the public safety platoon of the Biliran police provincial office (BPPO) led by Police Inspector Chamberline Ludivesi and Police Chief Inspector Renecio Raquipo, chief of police of the Naval police station, raided the house of Plantar located in Barangay Larrazabal, Naval, Biliran at around 6:05AM today.



The raid on Plantar’s house was based on search warrants No BSW-15-09-082 and No. BSW-15-09-083 for violation of Sec.11 of RA 9165(illegal drugs) and RA 10591 (illegal possession of firearms and ammunitions) issued by Hon. Yolanda U. Dagandan, executive judge, RTC, 8th Judicial Region, Branch 15 in Burauen, Leyte.

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The persons arrested during the conduct of the raid were Ronnie Roble, single and a resident of Barangay Larrazabal, Naval, Biliran; Renato Mataganas, with live-in partner, 38 years old and a resident of Barangay Bato, Biliran, Biliran and Antonio Ebajan, 45 years old, married and a resident of Barangay Pulang Bato, Almeria, Biliran.

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During the actual search in the presence of representatives from media, Department of Justice (DOJ) and Larrazabal Barangay Captain Ben Olid, the following items were recovered from the premises as follows: two airguns, one Cal. 22 rifle, one Cal. 45 pistol, one Cal.38 “paltik” revolver, 15 live ammunitions of Cal. 38, eight live ammunitions of Cal.22,eight empty shell of 9mm pistol, one big heat sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu, 68 small heat sealed transparent plastic sachets containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu, cash money amounting to P1,500 in different denominations and drug paraphernalia.

Also recovered from Ebajan during the conduct of bodily search was one heat sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu. The arrested persons and the evidences recovered were brought to the Naval police station for proper disposition.

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On the other hand, based on eyewitnesses account present during the raid, the barb wire perimeter fence of Plantar was connected with electricity and that there were three police officers who were slightly electrocuted.

It was not true that Plantar was in Manila during the raid as a plane ticket recovered in his house showed a Tacloban to Manila plane ticket dated September 19, 2015 with flight schedule at 5:35pm in the name of Lorenzo Plantar,Jr and Olivia Orlanda, Plantar’s wife, booked on September 15, 2015, the witness revealed.


It was told by the witness that the wife of Plantar has just recently left going to the market, as told to him by the people arrested, before the raid was conducted.

A certain Romeo Ebajan, the watchtower guard, eluded arrest as he ran and was not captured by the police, he recounted.


Plantar was not found in his house in Sitio San Roque in Barangay Larrazabal during the follow-up operation conducted by the police, he told.

It was also learned that Plantar was no longer permanently staying in his house where the raid was conducted but he also stayed for a week in a pension house located in Barangay Talusutusan in Naval. Biliran, located just a few kilometers away from Plantar’s house.

It was also alleged that there were police officers who oftentimes went to the house of Plantar for reason yet still unknown.

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  1. Lorenzo Plantar ang tunay na name, libaton ni siya, dati nagpuyo sa San Pablo og dati na driver ni Ana kadtong pobre pa siya. Naka bangga ni siya og napatay si kanhing board member mocorro og driver sa caibiran cross country road.

  2. Biliranon kay ano nasugad man ini an aton province? Its time to clean up user and pusher han mga drugs… Madali la dapat may proper check point kada sulod han biliran… Dire na magiging safe an aton province kun talamak na han droga… Bagan ginhihimo naman ini an aton probinsya nga distributor han droga… Pagmata ngan pag ikmat kita kada usa burugligay para ma solusyunan…


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