by:  Mary Lailani Pitao-Tupaz
NAVAL, Biliran – The traditional fluvial procession in connection with the celebration of the Naval fiesta in honor of  the Most Holy Rosary takes a major change in this year’s festivities, said Engr. Ferdinand Morillo, chairman of the 2015 Naval Town Fiesta Executive Committee.
In last Friday’s  meeting (September 18) for the status update, issues and concerns  of the forthcoming fiesta celebration of Naval, the capital town of Biliran province, it was discussed that  the original schedule of the  fluvial procession  in the afternoon of the vespers day was moved  to 6:00-8:00 o’clock in the morning immediately after the aurora and vespers day mass celebration. 
Engr. Morillo said, the priests and church leaders decided to change the schedule of the fluvial procession from afternoon to morning  to give the  priests and other church leaders of the Naval Parish enough time to  rest before the procession and other church activities related to the fiesta celebration. 
He added that  the weather is still fine  in the morning compared to the usally rough seas and burning heat of the sun in the afternoon. 
With the new schedule, the playground demonstration has to wait for the fluvial procession to arrive.  The playground demonastration immediately follows   at the Naval State University (NSU) athletic oval.
For her part, Charita Bernardes, Naval North District  Supervisor and chairman of the playground demonstration conceded to the new schedule and said she will adjust to the change.
Preparations of all the activities to make the Naval  fiesta as enjoyable and memorable for every Navaleno and the visitors are going on smoothly. 
Everyone is invited to the fiesta celebration of Naval in Biliran province on October 2 and 3, 2015. # (fj/PIA8 Biliran)


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