First Posted 22:00:00 10/06/2015

Almeria, Biliran – A white Tamaraw FX Toyota van bearing plate number GFH-495 traveling from this town heading towards Kawayan town met an accident after the driver lost control in maneuvering the vehicle in a curve and descending portion and fell in a ravine in Sitio Puro in Barangay Pili, this town.

Almeria Accident Biliran
Photo by Mataganas Sabornido Nizza

The vehicular accident was discovered by Almeria police personnel led by Police Inspector Julius B. Dela Pena, chief of police of Almeria police station, while conducting mobile patrol within the northern barangays of Almeria town at around 3:45PM on October 6, 2015.

As the police mobile patrol car reached the place where the accident occurred, a concern citizen stopped them and informed about the vehicular accident.

Photo by Cindy Ebajan
Photo by Cindy Ebajan

The policemen on board the patrol car disembarked and immediately extended assistance to the victims.

The driver was identified as Felix Olaer, of legal age and a resident of Sitio Binog in Barangay Pili, Almeria, Biliran while the passenger was identified as Romeo Macabulos, 61 years old, married and a resident of Barangay Tabunan, Almeria, Biliran.

Photo by Mataganas Sabornido Nizza
Photo by Mataganas Sabornido Nizza

Both the driver and passenger were brought to Biliran provincial hospital for immediate medical attention as both sustained serious injuries and wounds in various parts of their bodies.

The passenger, who is a former barangay captain of Tabunan, was proclaimed dead on arrival by attending physician of BPH on that same day of the accident. –


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