First Posted 10:44:00 10/16/2015
Last Updated 12:05:00 10/17/2015’s Running List of  Filers of Certificates of Candidacy for Local Positions in Biliran Province.


NAVAL, Biliran – This page lists the names of politicians who have filed their certificates of candidacy in Biliran.

From October 12 to 16, the local offices of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) will accept the filings of those who wish to run for governor, vice governor, provincial board member, congressman or congresswoman, mayor, vice mayor, and councilor.

Final stats for Biliran filers. 2 congressional, 3 gubernatorial, 2 vice gubernatorial, 6 provincial board 1st district, 7 provicial board 2nd district.

Database Last Updated: 11:57 AM Oct. 17, 2015 

  • Complete list of filers of COC in Province-level candidates.
  • Complete list of filers of COC in the Municipality of Naval, Caibiran, Almeria, Biliran, Kawayan, Maripipi, Culaba and Cabucgayan.

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Source: Comelec Biliran 

Closed registration 5 PM., Last filer was Zalde Onrejas Judal, who filed a COC for Biliran Vice-Governor. #BiliranElection2016

As of 4:17 PM., Zalde Onrejas Judal filed a COC for Biliran Vice-Governor.

As of 4:06 PM., Fernando Acuin Serrano filed a COC for Biliran Representative

As of 3:40 PM, Randolph Nierras Bravo filed a COC for Biliran governor.

As of 2:00 PM, the only candidate filer for Congressman is Cong. Rogelio Espina. Two for Governor – Espina, Gerardo Jr. Jimenez and Ambe, Edgardo Sorne.

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  1. Unsay nakaon ni Aim Limpiado? nang warta ra ning tawhana.

    hoy Aim maypa mananom ka ug kamote sa bukid. wala gani ka kadaog sa pag ka konsehal sa Naval sa niaging election. pag ka mayor naba?

    undanga na imng kaboang


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