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First Posted 09:47:00 10/29/2015

NAVAL, Biliran – The circumstances surrounding the recent incident about the missing young seafarer from Sitio Dapdap of Barangay Agpangi, this municipality, offer more questions than answers.


Did he commit suicide, as implied based on the seafarer’s short handwritten note and other observations of his co-workers in the ship? Or was it purely a job-related incident?

From Adrin Estrera's Facebook
From Adrin Estrera’s Facebook

Aldrin Vaporoso Estrera, 22 years old and a first time seafarer, was reported missing from the list of crew of MV Busan Star, a bulk carrier, at around 12:52 pm on October 26, 2015.

His father, Alejandro Calvez Estrera, 54 years old and a seafarer also, reported that the last time his son informed him was that MV Busan Star was traveling on a 45-day voyage from United States of America going to Southeast Asia, particularly to dock in Sri Lanka.

Aldrin, who was an apprentice with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) from Naval State University (NSU) in 2013, was hired as a mess man of the Parola Maritime Agency Corporation.

Aldrin Estrera's Facebook Cover Photo
Aldrin Estrera’s Facebook Cover Photo

Based on the letter sent by Francis K. Hong, Senior Operations Manager of the shipping company, to his mother, Marina Vaporoso Estrera, Hong narrated in the letter that at around 7am he went down to eat his breakfast but Estrera (mess man) was not around. He was informed by the chief cook that probably the mess man was sick and was not able to get up for work. Hong added that he went back to his cabin after doing some of his work.

Around 8 am, the Chief Officer came and inquired if Estrera had cleaned his cabin but was informed that the latter was sick and was not able to work. He then responded that Estrera was nowhere to be seen. Hong and the Chief Officer then searched the engine room and the crew accommodations but to no success. In his cabin a handwritten letter addressed to his mother was discovered.


Aldrin Estrera Letter
The note for his mother.

According to his father, the ship crew impliedly reported that his son committed suicide because Aldrin could not sleep because of family problem which is in contrast to his belief and trust to his son.

Aldrin’s father is not also certain if it is the handwriting of his son, and if it is his son’s handwriting, he believed the life of his son was in danger.

He told that Aldrin is about to sign off after that voyage since his contract has already ended.

Aldrin’s father is strong in his belief that there is bad intention on his son and he is determined to file a complaint.

There was also an information gathered by Aldrin’s concerned friends from his co-workers in the company of the ship he aboard that Aldrin had complained a Korean co-worker where the latter sow hatred on him.

There were also insights gathered from some experienced seafarers asked relative to the incident of disappearance of Estrera aboard a foreign vessel such as 1.) there is a possibility that Estrera fell from the ship while working especially if he is not wearing safety precautionary instrument; 2.) the ship captain lacks the work experience in properly managing his subordinates especially on their safety; 3.) a worker is prone to accident if he will not listen properly to the instructions given by the ship captain or will not observed the standard operating procedures implemented by the company; or 4.) there was carelessness on the part of the worker.

Missing international seafarers from Naval. The 2nd is Aldrin Estrera, from Brgy. Dapdap, Agpangi, Naval. Missing from…

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According to one of his classmates , Aldrin is a good person and had no enemies while they were still studying.He is a silent type of a person and does not want to have quarrel with anybody. He is also good in Physics subject but tend not to be recognized because he is timid.

Aldrin's friends still hoping he will be found

Aldrin’s friends still hoping he will be found

As per latest information, Aldrin’s father is presently in Manila to find out the truth and to seek justice behind the untimely disappearance of his second son in the family for several days now since he was found out missing while on board MV Busan Star since October 26.


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