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Update: A case for attempted homicide, direct assault, alarm and scandal, and violation of R.A. 10591 (illegal possession of firearms) was filed against Reylan Arandia y Matugas and case for violation of section 28 of R.A. 10591 and alarms and scandal against Edgardo Dagoda y Panas was already filed at the Prosecutor’s Office with NPS Docket No. VIII-14-INV-2015-L-00180 under Edna S. Pitao-Honor, Deputy Provincial Prosecutor.

NAVAL, Biliran -At first, at the barbecue stand in the Naval bus terminal, a casual employee of the Biliran provincial government, without any apparent reason, suddenly fired his firearm several times. Then his drinking buddy, using the same gun, also fired a shot at Naval police chief inside the emergency room of the Biliran provincial hospital.

Biliran Provincial Hospital

Biliran Provincial Hospital
The alarm and scandal through firing of his gun in a public place commited by Edgardo ”Dodong” Dagoda, 54 years old, married, a Capitol employee and a resident of Barangay Lucsoon happened at around 8:10 pm on December 2, 2015.

Left: Edgardo ”Dodong” Dagoda Right: Rey Arandia Alias Boning
Left: Edgardo ”Dodong” Dagoda Right: Rey Arandia Alias Boning
Dagoda accidentally shot his leg while firing his gun and was immediately brought by his drinking buddy named Rey Arandia alias Boning to the Biliran provincial hospital for immediate medical treatment.

Before the separate shooting incident, Dagoda and Arandia were having a drinking spree in one of the barbecue stands.


Inside the BPH emergency room where Dagoda was brought, PCI Renencio Raquipo, chief of Naval police station, requested Arandia to turn-over the said firearm taken from Dagoda, however, Arandia got angry and quickly pulled the same gun and fired a shot to Raquipo.

Fortunately, Raquipo was able to ward off and there followed the grappling of the gun between Raquipo, Arandia and Police Inspector Kerwin Sevillano.


According to Sevillano, the gun was thrown on the floor of the emergency room but Arandia was able to snatch the service pistol of Raquipo and even attempted to fire at Raquipo but did not succeed because the gun was in lock mode.

Seeing that situation of his superior officer, he immediately grab the gun of the suspect on the floor and aimed it at point blank on Arandia’s neck causing Arandia to surrender.

Biliran Provincial Hospital ER
Biliran Provincial Hospital ER

Seized from the suspects are: 1 unit Caliber .45 M1911A1 Pistol Bearing SN. 7790314 ; 1 pc Magazine of Caliber .45; 1 Pc Slug and 6 pcs Shot shell of caliber .45.


There are talks that Arandia sow hatred to Raquipo since he was included in the watchlist of illegal drug personality.


Arandia is now detained at the Naval police station while approriate charges were prepared against Dagoda and Arandia. –




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