First Posted 22:00:00 12/07/2015

Update: Restored transmission services to Leyte electric cooperatives
8DECEMBER2015 NGCP MEDIA ADVISORY: NGCP restored power transmission services to BILECO and LEYECO V’s Sambulawan Substation at 4:15AM after re-energizing the 69kV Tunga feeder. DORELCO’s Javier Substation was earlier re-energized at 11:15PM Dec. 7 through NGCP’s Maasin Substation. DORELCO’s Tolosa Substation and LEYECO III’s Tunga & Alang-Alang Substations were re-energized at 2:18AM Dec 8, also through Maasin Substation. A cut phase C jumper on Structure 119 in Bagalongon, Kananga, Leyte, caused the tripping of Tunga Feeder at 7:12PM Dec 7 and the unbalanced voltage observed when the feeder was re-energized at 7:19PM. NGCP requested affected electric cooperatives not to load their feeders until the condition was corrected. Line inspection and line tests were conducted to pin-point the line fault, which was found and corrected by 3:47AM, Dec 8. These activities were delayed by strong rains in Kananga area. Tunga Feeder was normalized this morning with the transfer of DORELCO and LEYECO III loads from Maasin Substation to Ormoc Substation. Brief interruptions entailed from the load transfers (end) <<<< NGCP’s text to media.

NAVAL, Biliran – Power interruption in Leyte 7 DECEMBER 2015, NGCP MEDIA ADVISORY: NGCP is working to restore power transmission services to LEYECO 5’s Sambulawan Substation and to LEYECO 3, DORELCO & BILECO. Reports indicate the 69kV Tunga Feeder tripped at 7:12PM today.


 The line was re-energized at 7:19 PM but unbalanced voltage was observed. NGCP requested the affected customers to open breakers (disconnect) at their side. NGCP crew are inspecting the line to search for the cause of the unbalanced voltage.


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