Naval, Biliran – One person was shot dead and another wounded in a shooting incident at Sitio Dapdap, Brgy Agpangi on Sunday noon, June 26, 2016.

The victims were identified as Henk Nuits, 74- year old Dutch national, businessman and a resident of Brgy. Talustusan and his 11 year-old son Jake Henry Nuits. Henk was declared dead on arrival (DOA) by the attending physician in the Biliran Provincial Hospital (BPH). His son Jake Henry was shot in the chest and transferred to Ormoc City for further medical attention.

Miss Lanie Cator, Henry Nuits’ 22 year-old live in partner, reported that they were traveling on board their SUV to Brgy. Talustusan when an unmarked motorcycle surfaced at the left side of their SUV and the rider fired at them for several times.

The vehicle fled from the scene and no description of the gunman was immediately available. Allegedly a witness said that there were two motorcycle-riding gunmen.

The PNP Naval police force is in hot pursuit and conducting an in-depth investigation to identify the gunmen. The motive is yet to be determined. –  

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  1. I also have know this mild mannered 74 yr old man Henk for many years. This crime looks like a paid for ‘hit’ for reasons one can only surmise. Comments above by Poesie Miauw are mostly correct. The investigation of Henk’s lady companion has nothing to gain by his demise. Henk, his son Jake, and her were planning an overseas trip next April 2017 why would she do such a thing? She gets nothing out of it but sorrow now. She is a pleasant quiet educated lady who took care of Henk’s financial things that he found difficult to handle, as well as being company for him and his son after so long without someone after his wife left him for a younger man. Look to who would benefit from his demise I would strongly suggest.

  2. And how is it possible that it 22 year old who is just a couple of month’s in his live can arrange the funeral and why does she want’s him under the ground so fast and if jigie would have arranged the killing why does Jake get hit and is she still alive.

  3. So many people quick to judge with vigilante comments. This is truly a horrid tragedy but accusations will make it even worse.
    There are many reasons these gun men could have perpetrated this crime!
    Were they drugged? Were they angry over a loss of land in a money lending transaction? Were they racist and hell bent on targeting a foreigner?
    Was it a random robbery gone bad?
    It has been said there has been more than one incident along that stretch of road.
    Let the police do their job!
    History has shown time and time again that quick judgment is more often wrong. By concentrating on one motive only you will allow the truth to hidden…
    Now is the time for grieving and remembering, and allowing justice to be served fairly!

  4. We the friends of henk are offering a reward .as of know and still growing have 60,000 php for information leading to the arrest of all involved in his murder.

  5. Stevie has no idea what they are talking about. It is not the companion of Henk that is arranging the funeral, it is the family of Jijie who want that. The companion has known Henk for over a year, so you also got that wrong. Don’t jump to conclusions without knowing what your talking about Stevie. You just hurt innocent people. I suggest you also offer a reward as per the madfriend comments. THEN we may get justice for this calm quiet man who had no enemies.

  6. Lets all hope this case doesn’t go cold and the authorities get the people responsible. We the many friends of Henk require justice for this crime. Henk had no enemies, a quiet and hard working loving father who will be missed greatly.

  7. Until now this June 1st 2017 there has been no arrests, even tho ALL of those involved in Henk’s murder have been know since August 2016. It seems that anyone can get away with murder in Biliran Province, as its just like a Wild West movie town from the USA. The rich and powerful get away with it.

  8. so you know where it,s happened! calculate an endless time. not 1,5,10 or 50 years nothing will happen! the education and the skills must inprove the next 4 generations ( maybe 6-8 )


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