Suspected drug pusher
Suspected drug pusher Staff
First Posted 20:40:00 08/02/2016

“Alias Fredo” is No. 6 on the Culaba watch list of suspected drug pushers.

CAIBIRAN, Biliran – With the proliferation of drug users in the country, the Philippine government under the “bakal na kamay” of the Duterte administration; different government agencies are now working hand in hand to end illegal drug use.

Suspected drug pusher
Suspected drug pusher

The Philippine National Police in the province of Biliran is in the same view of PDU30 against illegal drugs. We had witnessed numerous buy bust operations and arrests in the early reign of the current administration. Chief Inspector Ian Salvado, the former chief of police in the Municipality of Kawayan had arrested many drug personalities prior to transfer in Culaba. He promised that more persons involved in the illegal drug proliferation will roll in the ground.

Delivering on that promise, the newly installed Chief of Police in Culaba and team joined forces with the PNP Caibiran headed by PSI Octaviano in a buy bust operation against ” Alias Fredo.” The latter was allegedly a robber as well as a drug pusher.

The suspect, Wilfredo Ariel Pardilla or “Fredo” is a 46 year-old married male, working as a construction worker and residing at Sitio Patag, Pinamihagan, Culaba.

Seized from the suspect are four pieces of plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance believed to be ” shabu” and a five hundred peso bill marked money.

Confiscated from the said suspect
Confiscated from the said suspect

Alias Fredo is now detained at the Culaba police headquarters and facing charges. against the comprehensive drugs act.


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