Biliran Diversion Road
Biliran Diversion Road


After been ranked as No. 1 in the implementation of CY 2016 infrastructure projects for surpassing the District Engineering Offices’ (DEO’s) 80% target for the first six months of the year, Biliran District Engineering Office (DEO) now accomplished 85.11% project accomplishment as of August 31, 2016.

Out of their 66 lined-up infrastructure projects for CY 2016, 60 are already completed with 5 projects on-going and 1 project not yet started which is the P5M Repair of Biliran bridge along Leyte-Biliran Road.

District Engineer, David P. Adongay Jr. previously reported that the Repair of Biliran bridge along Leyte-Biliran Road was delayed due to the delayed delivery of materials and the delicate work involve in the repair of the said bridge.

“Delicate yung trabaho diyan at delikado yan kasi ang pagtrabaho ay doon sa ilalim ng tulay kaya hindi basta-basta yan,” stated Engr. Adongay.

However, the district engineer reported that Biliran DEO has already completed the Repair of 3 bridges under the Regular Infrastructure Program which are the P2M Repair of Looc Bridge (B00035BR) along Biliran Circumferential Road, P2M Repair of Cabibihan bridge (B00027BR) along Biliran Circumferential Road, Naval, Biliran, and the P3M Repair of Bilwang bridge ( B00058BR) while the Replacement of Banlas Bridge (B00061BR) along Maripipi Circumferential Road costing P8.7M is on-going with 3% accomplishment.

Aside from the Replacement of Banlas bridge, another on-going projects under the Regular Infrastructure Program for CY 2016 are the district’s biggest projects which are the P45M Construction of Slope Protection at Biliran Circumferential Road (BCR) and Naval – Caibiran Cross Country Road (NCCR) with 50% and 68% project accomplishment respectively, P43M Construction of Biliran Diversion Road project with 48% accomplishment, and the P45 Construction/ Improvement of Access Roads Leading to Declared Tourists Destinations along Higatangan with 80% project accomplishment which are all targeted to be completed before the year ends.

Engr. Adongay also reported that all of their 2016 Local Infrastructure Projects were already 100% completed as of August, 2016.

Biliran Diversion Road
Biliran Diversion Road
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