NAVAL, Biliran – Chief Insp. Wilfredo Abordo is one of the police officers in Eastern Visayas charge for being linked to Kerwin Espinosa syndicate.

He is one of the 22 policemen accused of receiving payoffs to protect Kerwin’s drug syndicate, according to Chief Insp. Jove Espenido, chief of police of Albuera town, Leyte province, who led the investigation of Kerwin’s syndicate.

The charges were filed at the Eastern Visayas Police Regional Internal Affairs Services in Camp Ruperto Kangleon in Palo town on Thursday.

He is from Busali, Biliran.

Abordo is a member of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) Class 88.

On July 5, 2012, an 11-man team from CIDG-8 led by Police chief Wilfredo Abordo raided the house of Bryan Zamora. It became the most controversial CIDG raid in Naval because of alleged loss or swapping of gathered evidence. (Read: CIDG-8 nabs 29-year old Navaleño for illegal possession of firearms, ammunitions)

Abordo, is also the police officer alleged to have played a role in the hijacking of a vehicle carrying P2.2 million worth of cellphones in San Juan, So. last July 29, 2005.

Also reported was his alleged involvement in the kidnapping of two people in Las Pinas City.  

According to Espenido, at least 80 people involved in Kerwin’s syndicate would be charged in the coming days.

Officers who were charged administratively on Thursday as Supt. Neil Montano, Chief Insp. Jonathan Camacho, Chief Insp. Wilfredo Abordo, Chief Insp. Martin Pardinas, Senior Insp. Bernedie Magamay, Senior Insp. Eufracio Jabines, Senior Insp. Rio Tan, Senior Insp. Edwin Martinez Oluan, SPO3 Edgardo Bituin, SPO2 Frederick Cabaltera.

SPO1 Victor Plaza, SPO1 Kenneth Valley, SPO1 Romeo Blanco, PO3 Roberto Arafol, PO3 Francisco Jongjong Oliva, PO3 Edwin Jao, PO2 Jay Quilangtang, PO2 Marvin Parac, PO2 Wenceslao Lumakin, PO2 Renato Mekitpikit, PO2 Romeo Torres and PO1 Ronilo Felizarta. 

Chief Insp. Martin Pardinas, had also been assigned to the Biliran PNP provincial office.

The 22 policemen are just the first batch of alleged protectors of Kerwin’s syndicate.

Source: Inquirer, PhilStar- 

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